Oh yes, our New Year’s Resolution.

There is always a lot of talk around this time of year about making New Year’s Resolutions!

Some of us make them.

Some of us don’t.

Some of us keep them.

Most of us won’t.  🙂

Either way resolutions or goals are good. They are a simple way of setting an intentionand letting the universe know this is something I would like in my life.

But then what?

We all know that we need to take action when the opportunity to fulfill our intention presents itself. After all, no one is going to do it for us. There is always some effort needed from us to complete the process.

But what do we do in the meantime?

And more importantly, how can we speed up the process?

In my free e-book “Attracting for Others” I talked about what I call being in tune. If you and I were sitting in a room together, I would demonstrate “being in tune” by grabbing one of my guitars and playing some beautiful music. Then I would reach up and detune each string just a little bit (sharpening or flattening their vibration), and play the same piece of music again. Of course, now that the strings are not in tune, it would sound horrible!

Our energy vibrates just like the string of a guitar. Sometimes it’s flat, and sometimes it’s sharp. We strive for it to be in tune.

When we are in tune, we are in perfect harmony with the Divine. We experience a connection to source energy, and enter a state of zero.  At that point, marvelous things show up, and sometimes things that we didn’t even know we wanted enter our reality.

Here are four examples of how being in vibrational alignment or “in tune” as I like to call it, will benefit your life.

Love- your vibrational alignment with love heals past relationships and brings new relationships to you, including your soul mate.




Health- when the vibration of your 7 energy centers are in alignment your body’s immune system functions at its highest level. That keeps you healthier and pre-existing problems heal faster.


Money- having a vibrational alignment with abundance points your internal compass towards financial freedom. You are then freed from stressful obligations such as a job that you can’t stand doing. You are then free to follow your true path and share your special gift with everyone.



Spirituality- your vibrational alignment is the key to recognizing that liberation, freedom and enlightenment are all simply within you.



There are many ways to help align your vibration with the use of meditation, prayer, mantras, music and sound.

To help us all, I’ve created what I think is one of the greatest ways to get our vibration “in tune”, so that we will be able to attract what we need to fulfill our personal resolutions and goals.

It’s EASY!



And you can have it NOW!!!!

“The Subliminal Alignment Audio”


Peace, love and music,

PS– everything that you have ever desired for your life already exists. It is waiting for your vibration to match its vibration. Then, the two will become one.


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