Financial Freedom?

I was asked the other day for advice on how I became financially free.

I replied “Financial Freedom” is a term that gets thrown around to inspire people to take action. I have never said that I’m financially free, in fact NO ONE IS!

Rather I consider myself in the flow of money and abundance.

Money and wealth have ebb and flow.

It can be a hard concept to accept, but you can’t spend all of your energy just expecting to receive money. You also need to become comfortable with spending money and even giving money.

Let’s start with giving money – there’s no difficulty in finding someone or some organization that want’s your money. When you feel like you don’t have enough money you are faced with the data/memory of scarcity.

If you give them your money, you will have even less, right?

No, when I give money, I give to people and organizations that inspire me. I want my money to be doing good and helping in a way that makes me feel good. It’s this very feeling that helps charge your personal flow with abundance and wealth.

Next, Spending money! – sometimes spending money is fun, buying yourself a treat, new clothes, a nice dinner, a vacation or a fun toy.

And that’s great that is the feeling that you want to have even at the end of the month when you are paying the electric bill. It’s easy to cringe at that bill and forget what a wonderful treat you are actually purchasing for yourself, I’m sure I don’t have to list all of the great benefits of actually having electricity 🙂

Keep this in mind the next time you’re feeling stress and pressure about paying for something that maybe wasn’t as exciting as some new clothes.

If your car unexpectedly breaks down and now you have to go pay the mechanic, remember to be grateful that you even have a car, be grateful for the mechanic who not only spent years learning his craft but is physically working hard to help get you up and running again.

This feeling of gratitude will also help charge your own personal flow with abundance and wealth.

Lastly, setting up to receive money – one of the biggest limiting beliefs I hear is the statement, “ I’m on a fixed income.” No one is on a fixed income not if you were following the steps to being in the flow of money. But having a job and waiting for a bonus, or hoping for a raise is just not enough. If you want more you need to position yourself to receive more.

It’s like wondering why you never receive mails or letters from friends and family, but you don’t have an address or a mailbox. The letters have been written there floating around out there somewhere, but the mailman doesn’t have an address or a mailbox to give them to you!

This is why I recommend using the Internet to begin to make extra money.

The Internet is so big now that anyone can use it to make money. It doesn’t matter your age I know seniors and children making money online. And you can do all of it from your home. Heck… I know some people who do it from nothing more than their cell phone.

But everybody has the same question, how do I start???

Well, I’m going to tell you. It’s called TheazCode. The letters AZ stand for one of the largest and most trusted online mail-order stores, called Amazon. Have you heard of them 🙂 of course you have… I order from Amazon all the time.

Take a moment, look at this inexpensive simple to understand program. It will teach you everything you need to know to position yourself to start receiving extra income by selling other people’s products.

So, the next time you hear someone talk about financial freedom, remember the true goal is to be in the flow of money and wealth. Follow the steps and feel love and gratitude about your relationship with money.

The results will truly bring you happiness.

Peace, love and music

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