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Ho’oponopono Roots can be listened to anywhere, at home in private, in social settings, or at work, only you will be aware of its ability to pinpoint and clean data/memory.

The specific data that will be purified and cleaned to align you to the Zero Point:


 One Man’s Spiritual & Musical Adventure into the Heart of the Grand Canyon…

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Announcing – The Brand New Energizing Album “Higher Octaves” by bestselling musicians Dr. Joe Vitale and Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon – Designed to Bring UP your Energy so You Can Have, Do, or Be Whatever You Imagine!

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invoke-cov-nimbitAnnouncing – A Breakthrough New Way to Melt All Problems, Blocks, Stresses and Limitations by “Invoking Divinity” Relax and let go to the Divine flow with inspired new music that instantly leads you to a higher vibration state of transcendence.

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This heaven sent new album of love is based on modern science and Divine inspiration — and breaks open a shocking conspiracy theory to deliver what may be the most exquisite healing music ever!

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For the first time EVER! 

A new way to use the Ho’oponopono phrases to directly NAIL any data or any problems AND to call forth the 4 Angels of Ho’oponopono!

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At Zero

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How Music Can Trigger Enlightenment

Finally, a true breakthrough designed to easily transform your very being – And all you do is relax and listen while doing (or not doing) whatever you want – Guaranteed!

Announcing Aligning to Zero
by Mathew Dixon and Dr. Joe Vitale

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Single songs of inspiration and empowerment.

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From Zero

Mathew Dixon’s From Zero Ten tracks of inspired Healing guitar. From Zero combines wonderful modern Flamenco guitar with Ho’oponopono healing. It musically wipes out energy blocks and any negativity. Inspired by the book , and Ho’oponopono, it has been infused with the subliminal (below conscious awareness) message, “please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you,” spoken by the author of Zero Limits, Dr. Joe Vitale. Just listening makes you feel relaxed, at ease, and one with the Divine


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Secret Ho’oponopono Holiday Music!

 Announcing! “One Winter’s Night (Sounds for a Flamenco Christmas)”…

Imagine being able to create a balanced and harmonious vibration during any event this holiday season!

Find out the Amazing Secret behind the Music!

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How Can Ho’oponopono Music Clean data within you?


Experience how you can effortlessly listen to this amazing music and heal your own data within you. Making you clear for Divine Inspiration.

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