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Announcing – The Brand New Energizing Album “Higher Octaves” by bestselling musicians Dr. Joe Vitale and Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon – Designed to Bring UP your Energy so You Can Have, Do, or Be Whatever You Imagine!


The first music to help “attune” you to your desires so they become real!

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Read Below for the Exciting Story of the Magical Guitar with a “Crystal Ball” in it and the Vision that Wouldn’t Be Denied…


 From the E-Desk of Dr. Joe Vitale

Wimberley, Texas


Dear Friend,

One day in August of 2014, I walked into Rudy’s Music Store in the Soho area of New York City and my life changed forever.

Shopping at guitar stores isn’t new to me, but you never know what you will discover inside any of them.

I certainly didn’t expect what I found this day…

Why this day became a turning point.


The store itself is decorated with nothing but wall to wall guitars.

It’s one of the Holy Grail’s of guitar stores.

Music legends go there, from Eric Clapton to Santana.

I could see why.

On one display case stood a guitar that grabbed my eye.

Besides being shiny silver from the palladium (platinum) metal, and bright gold from the gold leaf, there appeared to be a “crystal ball” in the body of it.

Crystal ball?


It made me imagine I could see the future or have special powers.

Turns out the crystal ball was a blue light.

When you plugged the guitar into an amp, the light came on.

I thought that was cool, so I asked about the guitar.

It was handmade in Finland by a man named Kari Nieminen. His company is Versoul. And such guitar masters as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top plays a Versoul with a blue light in it.

I was intrigued.

Gordon, the store manager, got the guitar off the stand and plugged it into an amp. He played it and it sounded wonderful.


This was clearly an innovative and special guitar.

But —


But then he handed it to me!


When I played it, it felt as if it had been made for me.

There was a connection between the guitar and my soul.

Call it “other worldly” or a delusion.

It felt magical.

It felt miraculous.

It felt like a conduit between me and the “Great Something” behind all of life.

I couldn’t stop playing the Versoul.

And then it happened.


The Vision


It almost felt like I drifted into a trance state.

My eyes were open, and I was holding the Versoul, but something in my mind lifted and there it was…

I had a vision of being in the Zero Limit studio with Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon and playing this guitar on a new album.


The thing is, Mathew and I had just completed an album – Invoking Divinity – and weren’t planning on making another.

After all, we already had three albums out, all bestsellers.

Another one wasn’t in the works.

But –


But sometimes the Universe has other plans for us.


I felt like I was receiving a sign.

I toured the store for a few hours and couldn’t get the Versoul out of my mind.

I kept having the same vision – in the studio, making new music with it.

Over the years, I’ve learned to follow the signs.

They are messages to keep me on my path. And whenever I followed the urge to do something, it always worked out. It was as if the Universe blessed my path when I obeyed.

You probably know that feeling.

It’s the nudge you get to do something “because it feels right.”

So I bought that Versoul guitar.

When I returned home, I showed the guitar to Mathew and shared my vision. He’s a wise man who knows to heed the orders from the Universe.

We agreed to go back into the studio – again with no plans.

Just a magical guitar.

And then –


The Heavens Open!


Mathew and I have learned to not do anything more than state an intention and then allow inspiration.

So when we went back into the studio, all we had were our instruments.

I held the Versoul and thought, “Now what?”

But suddenly Mathew had an idea.

“I think this album should be more energetic,” he said.

“It can be a caffeinated version of our more relaxing music,” I agreed.

“We can let it be more upbeat, so people can listen as they drive or workout or sit at their desk,” Mathew added.

“And we can still add the healing phrases as subliminals,” I added, referring to the famous statements from my book, Zero Limits. “And we can still attune the music to the healing frequency of 432.”

Mathew agreed.

It sounded like a great plan.

But – how do we pull it off?


How to “Nevillize” Your Goals


I remembered that I teach people how to “Nevillize” their goals.

That’s where you feel the end result as if it were already done.

Instead of seeing your desire off in the future, you feel it real right now.

I’ve written about Neville Goddard, the mystical author who taught me the method, a lot.

Today was the day to “Nevillze” our new album.

So I held the Versoul and imagined that we had already completed our recording.

As I felt relaxed, and soothed, and proud of the felt accomplishment, I began to play.

My fingers danced.

My mind relaxed.

And “something” took over.

Mathew knew to record everything, so he captured it all.

As usual, we were stunned.


The music blossomed in my heart!


We listened to the beautiful music and were in awe.

Every track after that gave us this experience of “Divine intervention” – where we felt led by inspiration.

For example, one day Mathew asked me to bring in my alto saxophone.

I had played some baritone sax on another album (Invoking Divinity) but wasn’t used to playing an alto.

I didn’t want to do it.

It felt out of my comfort zone.

But I trusted the process and brought it in.

When I played, I amazed even me at what came out.

I’m no Mindi Abair or Cannonball Adderley or John Coltrane, but I played that sax with such surprising talent that the result was beyond belief.

I even played octave jumps that I had never been able to do before!

Our new album was becoming a masterpiece!



Healing Tunings and More!


But we didn’t stop there.

As with our previous albums, we then tuned the music to the 432hz – the frequency of the healing planet – and we added the healing phrases of ho’oponopono (I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you), from my books Zero Limits and At Zero, as subliminals (you won’t consciously hear them).


The result is breakthrough new energizing music that heals, soothes, awakens and more!

You’ve got to hear this!

Attune to Your Desires!


This music can help you in many ways.

But it’s chiefly designed to raise your energy or vibration so you can attune yourself to your highest desires.

Honestly, we aren’t allowed to say the music will do anything at all, and can only say we are selling it for entertainment purposes.*

Well, this sort of “entertainment” is the kind that could transform your mind, body and soul!

And that’s why I’m so excited!




What’s Your Well-Being Worth?


Let’s be honest here.

As you know, health care, self-help programs, medicine, treatment, herbs, healers and healing sessions, and more, all add up and cost a fortune.

We decided to ask for a low but fair amount – only $14.95 to download all eight tracks instantly.

That’s a bargain when you realize —

What’s your well-being worth, anyway?

What’s your health and happiness worth?

What’s your spirituality and connection to all life worth?

What’s it worth to have music to assist you in “Nevillizing” your desires so you really can have, do, or be whatever you want?

For only $19.95, you can have it all.

For less than the price of negative or forgettable purchases, you can invest in something that is guaranteed to help you move forward and feel great.

And you can have the audios – all eight tracks – about 35 minutes of Divine music – within seconds of ordering right now.

You can then listen as you please, whenever and however, and as often as you like.


You can listen with or without headphones…as you work, play, exercise, walk, dance, meditate, visualize, or relax…it’s entirely up to you.


Order Now!


It’s easy to doubt, be skeptical, and procrastinate.

But prove to yourself that you are ready to merge with the energy of life and order this breakthrough new album right now.

Listen to it.

“Nevillize” to it.


See what occurs for you.

I believe you will love “Higher Octaves.”

But the only way to know for sure is to go ahead and order right now.

Expect Miracles.




Dr. Joe Vitale
Member BBB 2003 – 2015
A star in the hit movie The Secret
Bestselling author of Zero Limits

And numerous other books


PS – Name what you want. It can be ANYTHING. Let your imagination run for a second…and then imagine actually attracting what you just imagined! That is entirely possible with our new album. But the only way to prove it to yourself is to order it, listen to it, feel the energy, and then EXPECT MIRACLES. Remember, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. Order here –


PPS – All of our albums are proven bestsellers. This latest one is in the same family, but just a little more energized to raise your vibration. Get it and hear and feel the difference. Why not order right now?

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