Announcing – A Breakthrough New Way to Melt All Problems, Blocks, Stresses and Limitations by “Invoking Divinity”CD 1 panel insert template

Relax and let go to the Divine flow with inspired new music that instantly leads you to a higher vibration state of transcendence.

From the musicians behind the bestselling healing music albums “At Zero,” “Aligning to Zero” and “432 to Zero,” comes an innovative new album guaranteed to create heart opening bliss every time you listen to it.

You’ll get to experience 40 minutes of deeply moving music designed to help you release all problems and worries, transcend the boundaries of time and space, and experience the sweet bliss of “Invoking Divinity.”


How can this musical prayer attract so many miracles?


What can it do for you?


Keep reading for the amazing but true story…

joe vitale

From the E-Desk of Dr. Joe Vitale Wimberley Texas, USA

Dear Friend,

Would you like to experience a miracle?

If you keep an open mind, it can happen to you within the next few minutes.

That’s all the time I need to tell you the amazing story of a new “musical prayer” that can transform lives – including your own.

It all begins right here…

mathew joe zlms

As you may know, Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon and I have already created three albums that have turned the music world inside out.

“At Zero,” “Aligning to Zero” and “432 to Zero” have all proven to thousands of people that the music we have been inspired to create has worked to resolve inner issues, clear emotional blocks, and help people achieve inner peace, and more.

Testimonials for our earlier albums have been incredible…

When I first discovered “Aligning to Zero,” I had been feeling a bit out of balance and was mindy_smlooking for a way to regroup, take better care of myself, and bring more beauty into my “everyday” moments. I started listening to “Aligning to Zero” as I was paying bills or catching up on emails. It put me in a whole different space. Since then, I’ve used it as background music for a workshop I lead on Judgement and Forgiveness. It creates a wonderful, healing environment. Thanks for this one. It’s a gem.” – Mindy Audlin, Author of “What If It All Goes RIGHT?”

“At Zero is a collection of soul soothing sounds. Acoustic Spanish guitars, hypnotic rick_barrettharmonica, and drum beats that conjure up the primordial heart beat of the womb, all rhythmically transport one to a place of internal peace and healing.”
–Dr. Rick Barrett

Obviously, we loved the rave reviews and were happy to stop there.

But the Divine wasn’t done with us.

We didn’t see the next big thing coming.

It took a series of three oddly wonderful events to occur before the puzzle began to look clear.

Here’s the first one…

Puzzle Piece #1: The World’s First Clearing Guitar!


For my 60th birthday, I was given a hand crafted baritone electric guitar that is beyond words to describe.

It’s made of wood that is 50,000 years old (that’s not a typo), and contains beautiful gemstones that correspond to the chakra/energy system in the human body, and it was blessed with cleansing rituals performed in sacred spots across the world.

That guitar is priceless, and was given to me by the wonderful people who run my Miracles Coaching® program.

I still get chills every time I hold the guitar.

About 50 people were involved in creating it, and virtually all of them did their part for no pay — they simply wanted to give back to me in a concrete way.

I knew I would want to record something with it. The sounds from that unbelievable guitar would influence every listener.

It wasn’t named the world’s first Clearing Guitar for nothing.

It’s designed to help “clear” you of any blocks, limiting beliefs, or negativity.

I call it a “Miracle Guitar.”

Everything in and around it is designed to heal.

It had to be recorded.

But I didn’t know how or when it would happen.

And then the next piece of the puzzle appeared…

Puzzle Piece #2: The Baritone Saxophone!


In early 2013, while recording my fourth singer-songwriter album, I heard a baritone saxophone for the very first time.

I had a session player come in and add his bari sax to the song ‘Remember’ (on the “Reflection” album).

The sound was haunting, thick, earthy, and unforgettable.

I was hooked.

There’s something about the deep “energy moving” sounds of a baritone sax that causes people to feel shifts in their body.

This isn’t swing music from a tenor sax or jazz music from an alto sax but a kundalini moving gutsy sound that only a baritone sax can deliver.

I wanted one.

After searching, I found a rare 1952 Selmer Super Balanced Action baritone saxophone in pristine condition.

I bought it.

And I got down to business.

I started taking lessons, including one from famed sax player Mindi Abair.

I knew I would record with my rare bari sax, but again, I didn’t know how or when.

But something incredible was brewing.

We just needed the third piece of the puzzle…

Puzzle Piece #3: The Pulmonica!


A Pulmonica is a special harmonica tuned in such a way as to help people with asthma and other breathing problems.

It’s made so it takes more wind to play, not less, which trains people how to breathe more deeply.

And the deep, resonating sound it creates helps loosen blocks in lungs.

I bought one and was mesmerized by the unusual music it makes.

It, too, is deep, and stirring.

It’s almost like something you’d hear in an ancient cathedral where magic awaits all who enter.

Again, I knew I wanted to create with it, but wasn’t sure how or when.

It just felt like all of this – the Clearing Guitar, bari sax, the Pulmonica – all of these pieces to a puzzle – were coming together for a reason.

But what?

I shared all of this with Mathew and we agreed to go into the studio and “see what happens.”

And guess what did happen?



We Entered Zero!


We went into the Zero Limits Studio.

As with our previous albums, we more or less “channeled” the music.

It’s hard to describe, but we simply make the space for something new, and allow anything we feel to be the inspiration for new music.

We’ve done this before, for each of our previous three albums, and the experience is mind altering.

The music that comes forth, through us, is enchanting.

We’ve astonished ourselves with what comes.

But this time – with the bari sax, bari guitar, and Pulmonica – we definitely lifted the bar on what is possible.

The result blew us away.

Time Stops!


When I recorded with the Pulmonica, we created a track that somehow distorts time.

Every time we listen to it, we disappear.

Time stops.

Even though that one track is five minutes long, we listen and feel like it’s only thirty seconds long.

We simply drop all thought.

All stresses melt away.

We are “at one” with the essence of life.

It’s instant stress relief.

Imagine it…

Worry Vanishes!


Playing the baritone electric guitar created a deep, energy moving vibe that is unforgettably delicious.

The baritone’s deeper sound stirs and moves energy, releasing any blocks to being in the moment.

Plus there’s something mystical about the guitar.

Maybe it’s the ancient wood…or the gemstones…or the esoteric symbols on it…or how it was created by a craftsman who is more a wizard than a luthier.

When I held this bari guitar, I felt all the love of the universe come through it and me.

It was almost other worldly.

It became a magic wand with six strings, capable of granting any wish.

But then…

Problems Cleared!


I admit that I was nervous when I went into the studio with the huge bari sax.

I hadn’t been playing but a few months.

I didn’t feel confident.

And neither of us knew what would actually occur.

But somehow I played that bari sax in such a way that the resulting track is hauntingly beautiful.

Mathew listened to it and said, “It’s a masterpiece.”

A masterpiece?

Yes, I know, but hang on to your hat as the story gets even better…

The Birth of Musical Prayer…


We had created four brand new tracks of Divine music.

We could have stopped there.

But then I added a “clearing” prayer to each track.

Prayer is powerful, as you know. By adding prayers to the music, we created a “double whammy” of power.

And since the prayers are all around the spiritual healing system called ho’oponopono, they are already infused with powers beyond description.

Here’s how we added the prayers to the music –

–       We decided that the first four tracks would be subliminal, which means you hear the music but not the prayer. (Your unconscious mind will hear it.)

–        Then the second four tracks would be with the music and the prayers at a level you can hear. (You can consciously follow them.)

I told Mathew that we have to call this album “Invoking Divinity” because that’s exactly what it does.

In a way, the tracks are like a long prayer…a prayer of love…of thanks…of letting go…of merging with the essence of life.

You could even call this a form of “Musical Prayer.”

I’m not sure how to convey just how incredible this music is.



10426823_10204677782127487_6073656123828079035_n“Just finished listening to “Invoking Divinity” CD by Dr. Joe Vitale and it was AMAZING!!! Sounds like a prayer with beautiful music in the background – perfect for meditating or just relaxing.”

–Suzy Bootz

“Beyond Music.”

g-monkIn fact, Mathew said, “This is Beyond Music.”

I think it’s “Transcendental Music.”

After Mathew added his own exquisite modern Flamenco style guitar music to our tracks, we knew we had something few had ever heard before.

We broke new ground.

We entered another realm of existence.

We tapped into Divinity itself.

We stepped through the veil that separates most of us from unconditional love.

But we didn’t stop there, either…

The Frequency of Love.

Get this –

Mathew then took all of the already incredible tracks of music we created and changed the frequency from 440 Hz to 432 Hz.

Recent scientific theory reveals that the 432 Hz frequency of music is the natural frequency of the world.

In other words, when you listen to music at the 432 Hz frequency, you will tend to relax more quickly, and easily.

Our previous album, “432 to Zero,” was created at that frequency and people love it.

The frequency may not be noticeable to you, but you will probably feel it.

You will feel soothed, and loved, and oh so peaceful.

Which leads me to the next point…

Hear it for Yourself


This new music is astonishing.

But don’t take my word for it.


If you need technical supportplease contact

In short, each track on “Invoking Divinity’ is designed to help you release any and all blocks, hidden or not, conscious or not, so you can be free to live a life of magic, miracles, wonder and awe.


“As I listened to Invoking Divinity for

the first time, in my mind I thought about

something recent that had happened to me

that was very painful emotionally.

 “Each time I thought or talked about the painful

experience, I couldn’t help but cry.  Even though

I tried to let go of the emotions, it seemed like

I couldn’t.  When Joe Vitale asked me to think

about something that needed clearing, I immediately

thought of that event.

 “As I listened to the first track, sure enough,

the tears streamed down my face. I felt the emotion

of the event very deeply.  Somehow, by the third track,

the pain was gone. After all this time, just sitting

and listening to your healing music soothed my pain,

and then completely healed me. As the fourth track

started, I began to have clear inspiration about what

I should do with my class (I’m an elementary school

teacher) and particularly with some of the students

that struggle for one reason or another.

 “Not only did the music heal me, it opened up a portal

to inspiration for me.  I believe this shift from within

me will create miraculous positive influence on my

students and many others.  Thank you, from the bottom

of my heart, for the blessing of your healing music.

Now I have a deep desire to get the music translated

in Chinese so my Chinese-speaking family can benefit

like I did!”

Yang Yue

Huai Nan, China


How does it work?

Let me explain…

  • “I Am.” The first track is about forgiveness and repentance and features the baritone saxophone and the baritone electric guitar, both played by me. The prayer with it is the famous ho’oponopono prayer with the words “I am the I.”

  • “I love.” The second track is about love and transmutation and features the Pulmonica, played by me. The prayer with it is a healing prayer that states “I love you” and “Peace be with you.”

  • “I Request.” The third track is about gratitude and thanksgiving and features the baritone electric guitar, played by me. The prayer with it is an entirely new prayer that I was inspired to create. It speaks “I am grateful” to the Divine and requests the removal of any and all blocks, conscious or unconscious.

  • “I Release.” The fourth track is about letting go and features the baritone electric guitar, played by me. The prayer with it is a petition to the Divine Creator. It is a famous prayer by Morrnah Simeona, the founder of modern day ho’oponopono (who I wrote about in my books, Zero Limits and At Zero). It is a request of Divinity to remove and release, clean and erase, all inherited blocks, wherever they may be, or wherever they may have originated, even if from past lives.

  • The next four tracks are the same as the above, only with the prayers audible, meaning you can hear me speaking them in a measured, slow, poetic, hypnotic voice.

With the eight tracks being a mix of spoken and subliminal prayers, you have the choice to listen in order, change the order, only listen to the subliminal tracks, only listen to the audible tracks – it’s up to you to listen as you please.

All in all, it’s about 40 minutes of blissful music – true musical prayer – designed to help you release all problems and worries, transcend the boundaries of time and space, and experience the bliss of “Invoking Divinity.”

Since “invoking” means to pray for something, this music is all about praying to the Divine.

Can you imagine how magnificent this is?

It’s your hot line to the Divine.

It’s your re-set button to clear all mind garbage.

It’s your instant enlightenment fast-track to awakening.

Think of it!

Please understand what I am describing here…


10401397_10152442719195681_5164847410880295090_n“Hi Mathew and Joe. I have been listening over and over to ‘Invoking Divinity’ and the more that I listen to it, the more I am loving it.

 As of right now, my favorite track has to be track no. 8 – the ‘I release Prayer’. You have created a masterpiece. I feel truly blessed to have found this music. I will recommend this to all my subscribers, clients and followers. Keep up the amazing work. Regards,” Saul Maraney – Johannesburg, South Africa –


What Miracles Await You, Too?

You need to know how incredibly beautiful, moving and heavenly this music is.

You need to feel the joy of letting go of all concerns – all worries, stresses, problems, concerns – and being in the Divine flow of life.

You need to imagine what your life will be like when you listen to any or all of these tracks on a regular basis.

You need to know what it is like to merge with Divinity (God/Zero/Life/Oneness).

The only way to know with any certainty how this musical prayer will benefit you is to actually experience the album.


Your 100% Guarantee!!!

We decided to ask for a low but fair amount – only $19.95 to download all eight tracks instantly.

As you know, health care, self-help programs, medicine, treatment, herbs, healers and healing sessions, and more, all add up and cost a fortune.

What’s your well-being worth?

What’s your health and happiness worth?

What’s your spirituality and connection to all life worth?

For only $19.95, you can go straight to Source and release virtually all the stresses that have ever caused a need for all that expensive treatment.*

And you can have the audios – all eight tracks – about 40 minutes ofDivine music – within seconds of ordering right now.

You can then listen as you please, whenever and however and as often as you like.

You can listen with or without headphones…as you work, play, exercise, meditate, visualize, or sleep…it’s entirely up to you.


“Listening to your newest album Invoking Divinity was

profound for me, thank you for healing me, thank you

for inspiring me– again.


 “That was probably the best 20 minutes I could ever

spend. Moving from track to track on the CD and just

feeling my energy shift was absolutely profound. Your

music is a blessing to humanity.”


 Steve Gardner


Your Only Choice.

You have a choice…

You can ignore this breakthrough news and go about your life, hoping things get better and change happens.

OR you can act from faith, and try the album out for yourself.

In short, you can come from fear or you can come from faith.

Fear is restrictive and feels lousy.

Faith is expansive and feels exhilarating.

Which do you think is the wiser choice?

Remember, our newest album is about 40 minutes of blissful music designed to help you release all problems and worries, transcend the boundaries of time and space, and experience the bliss of “Invoking Divinity.”

Each track on “Invoking Divinity” is designed to help you release any and all blocks, hidden or not, conscious or not, so you can be free to live a life of magic, miracles, wonder and awe.

I call the entire album musical prayer.

It’s a powerful way to easily and quickly raise your vibration to attract more miracles into your life.

Obviously, that is a good thing, and good for you.

But what you do is entirely up to you.

If you want to choose faith and get all the tracks right now, just click here.

Either way, I love you.

Expect Miracles.



Dr. Joe Vitale Member BBB 2003 – 2018 A star in the hit movie The Secret Bestselling author of Zero Limits

PS – Face it. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Even when you may feel unsure. I’ve been in business for decades. I’m a long time member of the Better Business Bureau. We already sell three previous albums that get rave reviews. It should be obvious that we create unique music.  Right now it’s time for you to choose fear or faith. Which will it be? You can order “Invoking Divinity” right here –

PPS — Remember, each track is designed to help you release any and all blocks, hidden or not, conscious or not, so you can be free to live a life of magic, miracles, wonder and awe. It’s a new form of “musical prayer.” I urge you to discover the healing beauty of “Invoking Divinity” and order the album right now at —



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