A soundtrack for your life… infused with the Hawaiian mantra of Ho’oponopono.

How Can Ho’oponopono Music Clean data within you?


Experience how you can effortlessly listen to this amazing music and heal your own data within you. Making you clear for Divine Inspiration.


Changes Mathew Dixon-Announcing “Changes”
 by Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon

The instant benefits of this music will astonish you!


How wonderful would it be to have music that not only instantly relaxed you but also invoked the ability for clarity and focus?

Kim GardnerDearest Mathew, your album “Changes” is the most wonderful self-help tool I have ever purchased! You will never know the happiness that it has brought me. For as long as I can remember my life was full of struggle. After purchasing your album and listening to it daily, my life has taken a 180° turn for the better. Thank you SO MUCH, you and your music have changed my life forever.

Love Kim Gardner,
Montpelier, Vermont


MathewHeadShot_ppFrom: Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon,
At Zero Limits Studio.

Dear friend – I’m so excited to be writing you about the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of my very first solo CD “Changes’’. Over the course of the last 10 years, “Changes” has proven to be a prophecy for not only my life, but also the lives of many others. When composing and recording this album I was really throwing myself into the deep end of the pool. It was a sink or swim situation, but I was always guided by my faith and followed my heart.

The result is a 12 song mystical soundtrack that is here to help you find the “changes” that you need in your life.

220px-TheSecretLogoLittle did I know while I was creating this album that the blockbuster life-changing movie “The Secret” was also being created. In early 2006 I attended a special viewing of the movie, which also allowed the opportunity to meet one of the movies stars Dr. Joe Vitale. I felt that the secret was perfectly in alignment with my music and my spiritual thinking. So acting on inspiration I introduced myself to Dr. Vitale and offered him my CD “Changes” as a gift. He was so impressed that I received an email the very next day and that marked the beginning of one of the most important friendships in my life.

To celebrate the last 10 years I have completely remastered the album, which is now tuned to the frequency of 432 Hz and also includes a very powerful subliminal mantra by Dr. Joe Vitale.

If you are truly ready to focus on major changes in your life this album is for you!


Imagine for a moment being transformed into a pure clear state of mind that allowed you to navigate around the internal blocks that have held you back from your Divine destiny.

 I’m talking about a life where you will experience:


  • Attracting more abundance and money.

  • Having better physical health.

  • Finding new Loving Relationships as well as reconciling old ones.

  • And most importantly a calm inner connection to the Divine Spirit.



… All of these await you!  Simply by listening to this, higher vibrational music called Changes.


Here’s the intent behind each of these 12 songs…


Changes Mathew DixonChanges – the title track to the album: is recognizing the moment of awakening, that moment when you take a leap of faith and confront the Life challenge that you fear before you. The experience of leaving your comfort zone only to be rewarded with treasures that you could have never imagined… “changing” your life for the better forever.

Dancing at Sunset Mathew DixonDancing at Sunset – a celebration of the ending of our day. A time for reflection and gratitude for our life and all those that we share it with.

Celebration for El Matador Mathew DixonCelebration for El Matador – dedicated to our family friend John Fulton (1933-1998). John an American bullfighter and painter, was the first American to receive the Alternative (a ceremony in which a novice becomes a full Matador de Toros) in Madrid Spain (1967). His achievements are a reminder to follow our dreams with passion no matter how great the odds may be stacked against us. Those who follow their heart will be rewarded with Greatness.

Playing Under Stars Mathew DixonPlaying Under Stars – as children the stars were just holes to heaven, as adults we peer at the stars with a more scientific and contemplative agenda. The song demonstrates a balance between the mystery that we all shared as children and the more knowledge-based thinking that we do as adults. But no matter our age, stars still remain one of the most fascinating mysteries that constantly surrounds each and every one of us.

Jamming with Mono Mathew DixonJamming with Mono – like most children I had an imaginary friend, his name was Mono. As I grew older Mono gradually disappeared as imaginary friends do. Then in my early 20s I would frequently see and feel his presence as I played music in a meditative state. I learned that my imaginary friend had never really left me, rather he has always been and will always be my spirit guide. This song captures the energy that we feel when being harmoniously guided by our own spirit guides.

Traveling Home Mathew DixonTraveling Home – It has been said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. We have all experienced time away from our home, families and loved ones. Returning to our home after time away reinstates a sense of stability and a feeling of being grounded. There is no greater comfort than the feeling of knowing that you are truly home.

Southern Breeze Mathew DixonSouthern Breeze – raised in Southern California and then moving to South Texas at the age of 30, the energy of the Southern breeze has always embodied my life. Sometimes the easiest way to open yourself up to divine inspiration is to close your eyes and allow a cool breeze to breathe new life into your intentions.

Gypsy Mathew DixonGypsy – the flamenco inspired melodies of this album date back to great ancestors who traveled as gypsies sharing their music and culture with the people that they met on their journey. In the spirit of the Gypsy we must continue to share what we have learned and grow from what others have taught us.

After the Storm Mathew DixonAfter the Storm – after a night of powerful and beautiful thunderstorms, I awoke at sunrise to experience the ease and peace of the nature around me. To anchor the moment I picked up my guitar and composed this piece dedicated to the beauty and wisdom of mother nature.

Standing on Stones Mathew DixonStanding on Stones – this song reflects the solitude of being grounded. We have all stood barefooted with stones beneath our feet at one time or another, feeling the connection to our earth and the universe that it lies with in.

Rio Verde Mathew DixonRio Verde
 – The name of the street my family and I live on is Rio Verde (Green River). The end of our street leads down to a lush park with a beautiful green river flowing past. This river has become a sanctuary for our family and the song was written to represent the wonderful “Changes” that it has brought to our life.

Nouveau Malaguena Mathew DixonNouveau Malaguena – This song is my interpretation of the classic Malaguena melody. This melody was created centuries ago and no one knows who the composer was. Almost every guitarist at one time or another has played this ancient melody. To me it represents a pure form of ancestral cleaning. The energy of the music and those who played or heard it transcends time and space.


As you can probably already tell all of the music on this album is extremely personal to me. But you will find that each one of these songs is going to become personal to you too.

We collectively share the inspired vibrational energy that these songs carry.


But Don’t take My Word for it, listen to what Merideth Erickson, the Executive Director of River City Advocacy, (a Nonprofit organization that focuses on mental health recovery) said:

Mathew, Thank you for the music that you have shared with us at River City Advocacy. Our consumers listen to the Zero Limits CDs throughout the day as they create their own works of art and it has changed the dynamic in the room. There is a sense of peace and calm that has come over the room since introducing the music to them.

There are comments consistently about how much they are enjoying the music that is being played. And when I mention that I know the Guitar Monk, they are even more thankful for the gift of music they are hearing.

I have been listening to the album “Changes” and actually have it on a continuous loop in my office. It has helped me as I write grants for my nonprofit. The melodious sounds are relaxing, and yet they have given me energy as I sit at my desk. Each song is different, and yet the music flows so well it makes for an enjoyable experience.

I’ve experimented with a variety of music, and I have to say that your collection of music is refreshing, energizing, serene, and inspirational. Thank you again so much for the gift that you have given each one of us at River City Advocacy.

–Merideth Erickson
Executive Director
River City Advocacy



There is more infused in this music than just its vibrational intention, Ho’oponopono has been embedded into each song.

Einstein_Hooponopono Mathew Dixon

First, what is Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.


Mathew Dixon Dr LenDr. Ihaleakala Hew Len is most known for co-authoring the book “Zero Limits” with Dr. Joe Vitale. Their book brings new insight to the modern objective of Hoʻoponopono, which is for one to achieve the state of Zero, where we would have zero limits. No memories. No identity.

To reach this state, which Len called ‘Self-I-Dentity’, the mantra, “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”  is continually repeated to clean data within you as you take 100% responsibility for its causes and actions.


joevitalesecretDr. Joe Vitale has graciously recorded himself repeating the Ho’oponopono mantra to be used subliminally (below conscious awareness) under each song. This means that as you listen, you, everyone around you and even all physical things around you, are being cleaned back to a state of Zero.


But wait there’s more!


It is widely believed that the vibrational frequency of 432Hz creates a natural rhythm for spiritual evolution.

432hz Mathew DixonIt comes from a musical theory called the “harmony of the spheres”, which was created in 600 B.C. by Greek mathematician and astronomer, Pythagoras.

Pythagoras discovered that the planets and stars moved according to mathematical equations that correspond with musical notes and produces a universal symphony.

For thousands of years ancient civilizations used the 432 tuning for their music.

There are detailed records that show the Chinese Dynasty had strict guidelines for music to be performed at 432… That was over 4 thousand years ago!

In fact, the original Stradivarius violin was designed to be tuned to 432.

In my research of the 432 tuning I found amazing coincidences.

For instance the diameter of the moon, 2,160 miles, is 432 x five. Also, that the diameter of the Sun is 864,000 miles, which is 432,000 x two.

Tiger 432And if that doesn’t blow your mind? Even Nike! One of the world’ s largest sporting goods companies created a special golf ball for Tiger Woods. Their scientific research found that the ultimate golf ball would have 432 dimples on it in order to make it the most aerodynamic and efficient golf ball in the world!

Because of these amazing finds all of the music on Changes has been tuned to 432 Hz to help bring forth this harmonious vibration.


What to do next –


Sampling the music is a great way to give you an idea of what you’ll be listening to, but the only way for you to truly experience the music is to hear the full songs.

You will be able to instantly download all 12 tracks to your computer from a trusted and secure server.

I’m sure that you would agree that this album contains more than just music, it’s beyond music if you will. Putting a price on physical mental and spiritual healing is impossible!

But what is most important to me is that everyone can afford to have this incredible music in his or her life. That’s why I am offering a complete package of all 12 tracks for only $9.95!

mathew_dixon on_stag_Peace, love and music,
Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon




PS – remember, Changes is much more than wonderful sounding music that adds a beautiful ambience, it is also designed to clean the counter intentions that are blocking you from a higher vibrational level.  Increasing your vibrational level with the use of Ho’oponopono and the 432Hz tuning will allow you to be open to divine inspiration and allow you to focus on your inspired intentions.


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