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While everyone else is scrambling to find new ways to attract more for themselves, Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon quietly created a way to do just that, but with a twist: he found that the more you attract for others, the more you actually attract for yourself.

In other words, while the average manifestation junkie is sitting in a chair, meditating on the new car or sexy partner they want, Mathew is sitting in a chair imagining you already have that new car or sexy partner. He’s focused on your end result, not his. He’s using the Law of Attraction for you.

Why is this important?

His state of mind is at a higher frequency because his intentions are pure and his interference is low. He can attract what you want faster than you can because he’s not emotionally tied up in your end result. He simply and innocently wants you to have what you desire. He doesn’t have your baggage, or limited belief system. He doesn’t have any stake in you getting what you want, and as a result, he can more clearly and powerfully and effectively make the request for you.

That’s why his approach is “twisted.”

The “Twist” is that he is focused on Attracting for Others, while most people are only focused on attracting for themselves.

Big difference in perspective, right?

And the grand insight is this: you can attract faster when you do it for others.
You also learn more about the inner dynamics of manifestation when you first do it for others.

You also earn what I call “Good Karma Points” by focusing on others before yourself.

And the more this book spreads around the world, and the more people who learn how to attract for others, the more people will be attracting for you, too.

Besides, everyone you see is really a mirror reflection of your inner being anyway. So when you attract for others, you’re really just attracting for the reflected versions of yourself. The cosmic joke is you are attracting for yourself when you “attract for others.” The other is you.

But don’t worry your mind over that. You don’t need to understand it or accept it to make the concept in this book work.

This book is evidence that Mathew’s technique is powerful. His stories are riveting and true. I know because a couple of them are about me or people I know. I’ve seen him create the method, try it, and secretly do it to help people. I also watched him write this book, which he decided to give away at Again, he’s helping you.

The point of this book isn’t to make Mathew the “go to” guy when you want to attract something. Don’t write him and say, “Attract for ME, Mathew!” That’s an easy trap. That’s again giving away your power to another.

Rather, the point of this book is for you to start “ATTRACTING FOR OTHERS.”

The more you do it, the better you’ll feel, the more “in the flow” you’ll be, and the higher your level of energy and happiness will be. You’ll love it.

Simply read this wonderful, breezy little book, and follow Mathew’s guidelines. They are easy. And fun.

And as you use them, you will learn how to attract more for yourself – by first learning how to attract for others.


Dr. Joe Vitale

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Peace, love, and music,

Mathew Dixon

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