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“The Subliminal Alignment Audio”



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From Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon
Founder of Zero Limits Music, and
author of the groundbreaking book Attracting for Others.

Dear friend- I am writing this letter to you at the request of the Divine.

I had the fortunate opportunity of working closely with my longtime friend and fellow musician Dr. Joe Vitale on the creation of our best selling healing CD Aligning to Zero.

Incorporating what I learned from that project, I’m excited to share with you an incredible healing tool that I call “The Subliminal Alignment Audio.”

Through Divine inspiration, I was led to create this easy to use powerful subliminal (below conscious awareness) vibrational alignment tool.


Here’s What It Is

I have recorded one 30-minute downloadable track for you. THIS IS NOT MUSIC! It is a vibrational drone that matches and cycles through your 7 different energy centers “Chakras”.

  1. Root or base chakra (survival)
  2. Sacred chakra  (sex)
  3. Solar Plexus chakra (power)
  4. Heart chakra (love)
  5. Throat chakra (communication)
  6. Third Eye chakra (clairvoyance)
  7. Crown chakra (wisdom)

Experts agree aligning our Chakras awakens and enhances our consciousness to a higher state of awareness and enhances the benefits of…

  • Increased relaxation

  • Healing of painRelief of stress

  • Increased ESP talents

  • Accelerated healing

  • Better intimacy

  • Enhanced ImagerySpiritual Awakening

  • Improved performance

  • Better health

  • More inspiration

  • Alignment of energy centers

  • Creative breakthroughs

  • Instant “Flow” state

  • Aligned Hormones

Subliminal Alignment harmonically achieves these results in the same way that Tibetan monks have used bowls, bells and overtone chanting for centuries.

Healing with Sound

Our energy centers are challenged daily and forced out of alignment. The number one cause of this misalignment is STRESS!

Using Subliminal Alignment is the easiest way to counteract stress and realign your energy centers.

When your body is in alignment it can heal itself in ways that modern medicine has been trying to do for hundreds of years.

New research has doctors and scientists now agreeing that sound and music both positively contribute to our emotional and physical well-being.

The following is a quote from a recently published article in “The Futurist” magazine by Rick Docksai.

“Sound was really overlooked as a healing modality for a long time. But more recently because of the amount of studies—and because it’s a low-cost intervention—we’re seeing it being used more in medical centers,” says Brenda Stockdale, director of mind–body medicine at RC Cancer Centers.


Ho’oponopono Infused

Subliminal Alignment also doubles as a Ho’oponopono cleaning tool. If you are not familiar with Ho’oponopono, it is the ancient Hawaiian healing method that my friend Dr. Joe Vitale wrote about in his best-selling book Zero Limits.

To supercharge the healing and cleaning benefits of this one of a kind audio, I asked Joe, if he would repeat the four phrases to the Ho’oponopono Mantra; “please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you”. I then looped Joe saying the mantra for continuous play during the 30 minutes. Then I mixed it deep into the music where only our subconscious mind can hear it.

This makes it virtually effortless to clean you or anyone around you!

How to Use It

You’re going to love this, nothing has ever been this easy and this affective!

Remember, Subliminal Alignment is not music, so it doesn’t require any of your attention. All you need to do is have it playing at a low volume, either with headphones or through speakers.

(Tip: when played through speakers not only are you receiving the benefits of Subliminal Alignment, but so is the rest of the room, including everyone and everything in it!)

If you are listening through speakers, other music and sounds can still be playing, even the T.V. Because Subliminal Alignment is working below conscious awareness,  your subconscious filters all sounds for you automatically!

Meditation Benefits

It’s perfect for any meditation. You will heighten the experience of your meditation if you have it playing in the background.

Sleeping Benefits

Setting your player to repeat and sleeping during Subliminal Alignment also cleans and heals your Astral Body. We all experience Astral Travels when we sleep. But research shows we have a 99% chance of forgetting our experience after we wake up. Subliminal Alignment will increase your Astral Travels and Astral Recall (the ability to remember your Astral Travels.)


The Best Part $$$

I have never seen anything quite like The Subliminal Alignment Audio. When you consider all that it does for you, its value is easily hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

But I want it to be so affordable that anyone and everyone can own it!

So I took a guess at what I thought others would charge for such an amazing powerful tool. Then I repeatedly slashed that price down to the bare bones.

Only $14.95!

Now everyone can enjoy Subliminal Alignment. Just imagine if we all use it, we could globally align the vibration of our whole planet!


Peace, love and music,
Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon

PS- I really want you to experience Subliminal Alignment. Take a moment and stop what you are doing, order now. In just a few minutes you will see why everyone should have this.

PSS- you don’t have to understand the science and studies of energy or the subconscious mind in order for Subliminal Alignment to work. In fact, you don’t even have to believe in it. Just set for repeat and let it do its thing, it’s really that easy!

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