Is Everything that Exists Energy?

Is everything that exists energy?

 Yes! Believe it or not science has proven that EVERYTHING is energy.


Let’s take a moment to think a little deeper about ourselves. Beyond our physical self we are spirit. This spirit is energy, it attracts similar energies causing a reflection of ourselves in all of our life experiences.



Think about that for a moment…

That means that everything in your life, good, bad and indifferent is a reflection of your energy.

That’s pretty heavy 🙂

I’m not saying that it’s your fault, there is no blame here. But having this knowledge means we have the power to change the things we don’t like and experience the things we do.

When we cleanse and align our energy we connect to Source Energy/Divine. Our vibration changes to reflect health, abundance, growth and happiness. We become “in tune” with positive, life altering, inspirational ideas and stop attracting negative situations and harmful choices. In short, we can break old negative  cycles and create wonderful new opportunities and experiences!

To help all of us find alignment with source energy I have created The Subliminal Alignment Audio.

Peace, love and music,

P.S. Remember everything is energy. So as silly as it might sound, when you use the Subliminal Alignment Audio, it is working on all the energy around you, even the chair you are sitting in.






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