One Winter’s Night

I can’t believe it’s already the holiday season and will
be a New Year before we know it!

Last weekend my family and I started putting up our holiday
decorations. I love seeing the magic in the eyes of my six-year-old
daughter Angelica, as we put out new and old decorations.

My heart just about melted when she asked if we could play my
holiday CD “One Winter’s Night”.

Angelica told me her favorite song was track number 2, “Hark the
Herald Angels Sing”.

Even though there is no singing on the CD she likes to hum along
with the guitar (she is so cute!).

Over the last two years so many people have shared their personal
stories with me.

“How it has become their favorite holiday CD!”

“The CD creates a calming effect during my stressful holiday times.”

“It brings back my wonderful childhood memories.”

“Even though I can’t stand holiday music, I love your CD and can’t
stop listening to it!”

It always feels wonderful to hear these nice stories about my
music. But last weekend I felt as though something shifted in me. I
began to have a peaceful, content and loving feeling come over me….

I knew it was time to tell the “secret” behind this music.

Until now, I have never shared the magical Mojo that makes this
music like no other holiday CD ever recorded!!!

It’s all revealed at:

Peace, love, and music,

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