Joe Vitale Goal

When Joe Vitale Sets A Goal, You Just Do It!

Towards the end of February 2011 Joe Vitale told me he was going into the studio to record his first ever Healing Music album.

He had a full-length article that would be published about it, in the May issue of Austin All Natural magazine.

Next came my challenge, Joe generously offered that if I had a Healing Music album by April he would include it in the article.


This Was An Opportunity I Knew I Couldn’t Pass Up.

For the next two months I recorded every day. When I started I only had a few musical ideas, no complete songs.

But having a goal set and stating a clear intentions seemed to kick inspiration into OVERDRIVE!

The music just flowed out of me. I had never written and recorded with such ease and at such a rapid pace before.

By April Joe and I had both made the deadline. Joe’s album Blue Healer and mine From Zero.


A Pinch Of  Vitale Mojo!

I asked Joe if he would lend some of his “Magic Mojo” to help From Zero. So he infused each track with his voice saying the four Ho’oponopono healing phrases:

  • Please forgive me
  • I’m sorry
  • Thank you
  • I love you

He repeated the mantras at a level your conscious mind can’t hear but your subconscious mind can. (Over time you may hear some of the words as your brain gets accustomed to the music, that’s a good thing.)

You can enjoy samples of From Zero at:


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