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NOW-Music That Increases Your Spiritual Awareness!

Divinely Inspired By Ho’oponopono And

The Story Of  Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

From Zero

The Album That Helped Start A Movement In The Healing Music Genre.


From Zero combines the power of Ho’oponopono healing with Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon’s wonderful modern guitar style.

Inspired by the best selling book Zero Limits and its amazing story of one mans use of Ho’oponopono.

Imagine being able to musically remove energy blocks along with any negativity just by listening. Infused with the subliminal (below conscious awareness) message, “please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you”, spoken by the author of Zero Limits, Dr. Joe Vitale. From Zero makes you feel relaxed, at ease, and aligns you with the Divine.

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The Story Behind The Music!

From: Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon,
at Zero Limits Studio.

Dear Friend, you might already have my best-selling album Aligning to Zero, which I created with my good friend Joe Vitale, or you may have downloaded my free song Zero Limits. But today, I’d like to share with you a story that started it all!


How Ho’oponopono Changed My Music Forever!

Back in 2007, I read the book Zero Limits by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. This book literally changed my life! It’s the story of a therapist, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who healed an entire ward of criminally insane patients using an ancient Hawaiian healing technique called Ho’oponopono.

In April 2009 I had the honor of performing solo guitar for both Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and world-renowned Ho’oponopono instructor Mabel Katz.  At the end of the evening I shared some one-on-one time with the two of them. I asked if they had any advice that would help me make
 my music heal and clean data?

They shared with me several advanced Ho’oponopono techniques that would connect the power of Ho’oponopono to my music, and infuse it with wisdom, magic, and miracles.

Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.


A Song That Came From Zero!

I was so excited to start using what I had learned. My first attempt at practicing these sacred techniques resulted in one of the greatest songs I had ever written. I titled it Zero Limits, paying homage to the book and its authors.

It was also very clear to me through Divine inspiration that this song was to be given away as a gift for all to enjoy.

In order to stay true to my inspiration, that’s exactly what I did.

Little did I know that this song would be the foundation for From Zero and then later would be used again on Aligning To Zero?


 When Joe Vitale Sets A Goal, You Just Do It!

Towards the end of February 2011 Joe Vitale told me he was going into the studio to record his first ever Healing Music album.

He had a full-length article that would be published about it, in the May issue of Austin All Natural magazine.

Next came my challenge, Joe generously offered that if I had a Healing Music album by April he would include it in the article.


 This Was An Opportunity I Knew I Couldn’t Pass Up.

For the next two months I recorded every day. When I started I only had a few musical ideas, no complete songs.

But having a goal set and stating a clear intentions seemed to kick inspiration into OVERDRIVE!

The music just flowed out of me. I had never written and recorded with such ease and at such a rapid pace before.

By April Joe and I had both made the deadline. Joe’s album Blue Healer and mine From Zero.


A Pinch Of  Vitale Mojo!

I asked Joe if he would lend some of his “Magic Mojo” to help From Zero. So he infused each track with his voice saying the four Ho’oponopono healing phrases:

  •  Please forgive me
  • I’m sorry
  • Thank you
  • I love you

He repeated the mantras at a level your conscious mind can’t hear but your subconscious mind can. (Over time you may hear some of the words as your brain gets accustomed to the music, that’s a good thing.)

Easy to download MP3s will have you listening instantly!


How Will It Help You?

From Zero” is a multi-purpose album. The first purpose is for you to simply experience wonderful uplifting melodies that will inspire greatness, and surround you with love.

The second is a little deeper.

In the May 2011 issue of Austin All Natural magazine, Dr. Joe Vitale’s featured cover story entailed an incredibly revealing insight on the power of Healing music and how he himself uses it.

The following is an excerpt that I would like to share with you from that article.

“Mathew Dixon created ten tracks of inspired guitar playing, called From Zero, using his modern guitar style to musically wipe out energy blocks and any negativity. He added my voice as a subliminal (below conscious awareness) saying the four phrases in my book, Zero Limits (”I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, and Thank you”). Just listening to his beautiful music makes me feel relaxed, at ease, and one with the Divine.

He, too, was inspired by the Ho’oponopono healing method to create his original music. No lyrics but plenty of enlightened vibe to free the mind and body to be here now. This is the kind of music that offers the vibrations of bliss. Track names suggest what you’ll experience: “In the Moment”, “Source”, etc. He dedicated the album to me, which I’ll be forever grateful for.

As if that wasn’t flattering enough, just yesterday he told me that he loved From Zero and was playing it as background music during what he called his “creative time”.  WOW!!!


What Others Have Said About From Zero And Zero Limits Music


Dear Guitar Monk, I just finished listening to your masterpiece, and my heart chakra is so open and glowing. I’m a yogini and yoga teacher, and this music was like doing a hundred sun salutations! Thank you. You have profoundly touched me! Namaste,  –Leah Byrd


Hi Mathew,Just wanted to let you know that I love your song Zero Limits! From the first time I listened to it I felt a definite vibrational shift. It’s become one of the tracks I play constantly now – I play it when starting my day, while writing in my journal, while working, and even when drifting off to sleep. I find that it helps me concentrate when that’s what I need, yet helps me relax when that’s what I need. I have added it to my ‘vibration lifting’ playlist.  Thank you very much for this awesome gift!Your friend, –Lisa


Hi Mathew, you did a great thing! Listening to your music gives the same sensations as cleaning with Hoponopono. I even put it on my cell phone, so that the calls get “cleaned” as the arrive  .Thank you, thank you, thank you,  –Roberto


Dear Mathew, Thank you so much for the ever so beautiful Zero Limits recording. Ever so beautiful! I am deeply enjoying it. Love from Berlin Germany, –Annie


Hi Mathew,I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the music…being a lover of music I must say, this was quite unique!I felt deeply connected to the music…that I didn’t want it to end..and it felt like I ‘know that song or sound’ (strange huh?!)Anyway….Thank you soo much for sharing your passion and heart. Great success,
Miriam Madziga


Aloha Mathew,I just wanted to send a very special thank you for allowing me to download a beautiful masterpiece.  I have been listening to it often because not only does it calm me but it has a connection to some very special memories. I have recently experienced a mild heart attack and listening to your song has done some remarkable changes in my comfort level. –Charlene Carlos


Thank you so much for the beautiful music.  It makes me smile and think, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you!” –Elva


Hello Mathew –Your Zero Limits music is beautiful — very peaceful…restful.I enjoyed it very much while repeating the mantra over and over.Thank you.I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

 –Joyce Zborower

Hi Mathew, thank you for your beautiful and uplifting music, may you continue to give and receive much blessings and joy. –Ros Power


Good morning Mathew,Just a quick word to say how grateful I am to have found your music through Joe Vitale/Zero limits. I’m at work right now listening to your beautiful music that I just purchased and I can feel my chakras working overtime and my roots (feet) digging to be firmly anchored to Gaya. I can’t wait to meditate with your music when I get back home. Sincerely,–Merci beaucoup,

Enjoy Samples Of From Zero Before You Buy

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Peace, love, and Music,


PS– Aligning to Zero was one of my greatest accomplishments. It has gone on to be sold worldwide and recognized by several music magazines, including being mentioned in more than one issue of Rolling Stone.

But if it wasn’t for From Zero, I don’t think I would’ve had the opportunity to work side-by-side with the amazingly gifted Dr. Joe Vitale. And for that I am eternally grateful!


Easy to download MP3s will have you listening instantly!

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