Flame of Prosperity

Find out how the sound of a famous lighter became the inspiration to create music!

The Story of the $700 Lighter by Dr.  Joe Vitale from his Book Attract Money Now.

          A few years back I was speaking at a trade show. I had my own  booth where I sold my books and programs. I was supposed to be there for four days. Each day after my sessions, people kept flooding my booth wanting to buy my materials. Within two days I was completely sold out. I was excited and happy that so many people got my message and understood what I was trying to convey. I decided to reward myself with a good cigar.

          Now, I’m not a cigar aficionado by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m learning. I walked into a cigar shop looking for a reward and found some amazing lighters. I’m not an expert on lighters, either. Still, I wanted one. The lighter was a perfect reward because every time I’d open it, I would remember this day and my success at the trade show.

           I didn’t want a disposable or cheap metal lighter. I wanted one that said I’d done well and succeeded. So I asked the guy at the store, “If Donald Trump walked in here, what kind of cigar lighter would you sell him? That’s the one I want to see.” So the guy walked over, unlocked a special case and pulled out a tray of gorgeous lighters. One really caught my eye. It was a dazzling gold Dupont lighter. It looked like success feels – bright, shiny and valuable. He took the lighter and opened the lid. I heard a ‘ping’ sound. He said, “That is the ping of status.”

It was perfect!

But it cost $700.

Seven hundred dollars!

For a lighter?

I bought it and felt fantastic.

             The next day I was telling some people about the lighter and there was one person who was absolutely disgusted. He said, “Why did you spend that kind of money on a lighter when you can get matches for free? Nobody needs a $700 lighter.

            He’s right. I don’t need one, but “need” isn’t the point. Another man who was there said, “I know exactly why you bought that lighter. You anchored in your success with emotion. You wanted to reward yourself for accomplishing your goal. You should have bought the lighter and felt great about it.” And I did.

          This doesn’t mean you should go out and buy a $700 lighter. It means you should spend your money out of joy, not fear. You should reward yourself for meeting goals and making progress. You should generate as much positive emotion as possible with what you have.

          The joy of spending your money is tied to giving – even to yourself. You are letting go of those emotions of guilt and fear, and giving yourself permission to enjoy your life as you also work to improve it.


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