Can Money Angels Really Help You Get Money?

I couldn’t believe it either but both
DR. Joe Vitale and myself
received large unexpected income right
after creating the new music called
“Money Angel.”

Here is the behind the music story of this angelic song.

Recently, while visiting New York City, Dr. Joe Vitale discovered a
very rare and mystical guitar named Merlin.

Merlin was different from any other guitar that Joe had ever seen
or heard.

It was smaller and had 12 strings that sounded one octave higher
than a regular guitar.


The tone it produces is similar to a harp that an angel would play.

When Joe brought it to Zero Limits Studio to show me the angelic
instrument, I was in awe.

As Joe began to play he started creating a wonderful melody. I
quickly set up a microphone to capture the moment as this inspired
song came to life.

When Joe stopped I asked in amazement, what was that? He replied I
was just playing for my money angels.

The end result is a heartfelt song that you can now play to attract
your money angels.

As they dance and play they will help bring more money and
prosperity into your life.

I can’t wait for you to hear this!

Peace, love & music,


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