Discovering the Mystery Behind 432!

I can’t remember who originally told me about recording music at 432 Hertz instead of 440 Hz, which is called concert pitch and is the standard for most music. I just know that I dismissed it right away.

A2Z-Vitale -DixonAfter the release of Aligning to Zero, a healing music album that I created back in 2012 with my friend Dr. Joe Vitale, I kept hearing about 432 Hz in emails and on the web. But still never really paid much attention.

Then one day on Facebook my friend and music recording mentor David Helpling posted one of his songs that someone had converted to 432. David wrote in his post that he did not convert the song but that he fully believed in the theory behind 432.

David Helpling

David Helpling

I have the utmost respect for David and this made me very curious.

I decided to really start to research 432 and find out for myself what all the fuss was about?

I found there were just as many doubters as there were supporters of this mystical “conspiracy”.

So I approached with a very unbiased point of view.

What I found was those who doubted 432 had no evidence to support their view point, other than the fact that they included it with all the other new age, metaphysical mumbo jumbo that they already didn’t believe in.

The supporters on the other hand created a very solid argument for why music needs to be “again” performed at 432Hz.

It is widely believed that the vibrational frequency of 432Hz creates a natural rhythm for spiritual evolution.


Spiritual Evolution.

It comes from a musical theory called the “harmony of the spheres”, which was created in 600 B.C. by Greek mathematician and astronomer, Pythagoras.



Pythagoras discovered that the planets and stars moved according to mathematical equations that correspond with musical notes and produces a universal symphony.

For thousands of years ancient civilizations used the 432 tuning for their music.

song-dynasty-textThere are detailed records that show the Chinese Dynasty had strict guidelines for music to be performed at 432 and that was over 4 thousand years ago!

In fact, the original Stradivarius violin was designed to be tuned to 432.


The more I researched the more I found 432 was everywhere.

earth_moon_and_sun_by_thehunterminater-d57ctwcI learned that the diameter of the moon, 2,160 miles, is 432 x five. Also, that the diameter of the Sun is 864,000 miles, which is 432,000 x two.

And if that doesn’t blow your mind? Even Nike! One of the world’ s largest sporting goods companies created a special golf ball for Tiger Woods. Their scientific research found that the ultimate golf ball would have 432 dimples on it in order to make it the most aerodynamic and efficient golf ball in the world!


 Now, I was totally excited!!!

I wanted to get in the studio ASAP and start recording an album at 432 Hertz. I went to my friend Dr. Joe Vitale and told him everything I had learned about 432. He was equally excited and started researching it for himself.

We decided that we would take this new tuning and apply it to the third album in our series of healing music. The result is 432 to Zero.

CD 1 panel insert template

It combines songs written in musical keys that correspond with our body’s energy chakras. It’s infused with a subliminal (below conscious awareness) Hawaiian mantra called Ho’oponopono and is played at a continuous tempo of 62 beats per minute, making it both relaxing and uplifting. You can hear samples, order CDs or download MP3’s at

Screen-Shot-2013-12-24-at-1.22.36-PMI strongly recommend you listen to some music tuned to 432 Hz. If you don’t hear a difference or feel the positive shift of your energy, maybe it’s not for you.

But, if you are like the hundreds of thousands of other people who are now like myself being driven by Divine inspiration to help heal and raise the universal vibration of all things, this might just be for you…

Peace, love and music,
Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon


Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon & Dr. Joe Vitale.

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