Morrnah’s Prayer – Listen to the authentic Ho’oponopono prayer of Morrnah Simeona, the creator of modern Ho’oponopono, read by Dr. Joe Vitale (author of Zero Limits), with music played on a Hang drum by Dr. Vitale and guitar played by Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon.

TIP: Have an issue, problem, or concern in mind as you listen, think of it when Dr. Vitale pauses and asks you to do so. Enjoy this free gift. Thank you.

Peace of I,

Joe & Mathew

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Find more Ho’oponopono inspired music by  Dr. Joe Vitale’s & Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon below. 

At Zero


How Music Can Trigger Enlightenment

Finally, a true breakthrough designed to easily transform your very being – And all you do is relax and listen while doing (or not doing) whatever you want – Guaranteed!

Announcing Aligning to Zero
by Mathew Dixon and Dr. Joe Vitale

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Single songs of inspiration and empowerment.


From Zero

Mathew Dixon’s From Zero Ten tracks of inspired Healing guitar. From Zero combines wonderful modern Flamenco guitar with Ho’oponopono healing. It musically wipes out energy blocks and any negativity. Inspired by the book , and Ho’oponopono, it has been infused with the subliminal (below conscious awareness) message, “please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you,” spoken by the author of Zero Limits, Dr. Joe Vitale. Just listening makes you feel relaxed, at ease, and one with the Divine

Sun Will Rise

Let the FUN Begin: From Rockabilly to Reggae and Everything in Between – I think you’ll agree, third time’s the charm, this may be his BEST effort yet – Howlin’ Joe Vitale’s Latest Collection of Healing Songs HITS ALL THE RIGHT NOTES! – See more at:

“This Music Triggers Your Body’s Natural Healing Energy to Come Alive!”

“Allow Your Life to be Transformed through the Healing Power of Music.”

STRUT! Original Songs of Motivation, Inspiration and Transformation!

STRUT by Joe Vitale

Strut! is Joe Vitale’s second album. It is his first singer-songwriter CD. It contains 11 original songs designed to inspire and motivate people and help them heal and transform.

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Blue Healer by Joe Vitale

Featuring Joe Vitale’s debut music CD! Passion is the ticket to success.

Follow your passion and you’re on the road that’s right for you.

Joe Vitale followed his passion into a new direction and now his first music CD is ready for you!

The CD is a combination of blues music with new age/trance music. There are five tracks designed to open energy in your body and channel energy from the Divine. Track four alone — “Gayatri Train” — is one of the most powerful sections of all on the CD. It involves one of the oldest and most dynamic Sanskrit chants in history with music and voice. It *really* moves energy right up your spine.

Joe played seven different instruments, including a rare 1915 Gibson Harp Guitar (as pictured on the cover of the CD).

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Secret Ho’oponopono Holiday Music!

 Announcing! “One Winter’s Night (Sounds for a Flamenco Christmas)”…

Imagine being able to create a balanced and harmonious vibration during any event this holiday season!

Find out the Amazing Secret behind the Music!


Available on iTunes! 

Flamenco-inspired music that creates a sound that calms the spirit while also evoking celebration from the soul.

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