“This is the most important relationship in creation, more important than any physical relationship you have”

–Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Introducing – The Inner Child Meditation

By Dr. Joe Vitale and Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon

Normaly $39.95.

From the e-desk of Dr. Joe Vitale
Wimberley, Texas
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Dear Friend, over the weekend of April 17 – 18, 2009, at the Zero Limits III seminar in Austin, Texas, Dr. Hew Len taught what he referred to as “The Inner Child Meditation”. That meditation has become the single most powerful healing tool I have ever used. I found it to be the secret to releasing the negative emotions and blocks that keep us from our own abundance.

Over the years I have been perfecting my own personal approach to this Meditation, by blending Ho’oponopono, Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction.

I asked my good friend, and guitar coach Mathew Dixon if he would help create an original score that would help enhance the hypnotic quality of the meditation. The result is a powerful experience that is beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Why Is The Inner Child Relationship Important?

According to Dr. Hew Len, having a relationship with your inner child will heal all relationships within you!

This bond, will take you far beyond manifestation or even happiness, it will take you to the true source, which is contentment, peace, and love.

To learn to love one’s self is the path to true freedom. When one truly learns to love themselves, all outward views will reflect from within, and in return all that remains is love!

What Is Advanced Ho’oponopono?

Almost immediately after Dr. Hew Len and I published our best selling book Zero Limits, I was bombarded with requests for more Ho’oponopono tools. Many people asked, is there such a thing as advanced Ho’oponopono?

At that time I would simply say, “this is all Dr. Len has shown me,” and in his words “just clean”.

Then in 2009 at Zero Limits III, I paid close attention as Dr. Len guided the room of over 200 people though an abbreviated version of the Inner Child Meditation.

If there ever was an advanced Ho’oponopono, this is it.

I began personalizing this new tool. I believe strongly in the healing power of music and as you may know I am a musician myself. To intensify the experience, I worked closely with musician/music producer (and devoted Ho’oponopono user) Mathew Dixon, to create a sound track that would inspire an experience of greatness.

To be quite honest, I didn’t intend to tell you about this audio at first, I merely made it for my own personal pleasure, but after using it I decided to share it with a few close friends and colleagues. They responded with an abundance of thanks and gratitude!

I was literally caught off guard by the overwhelmingly positive reviews. I mean, I knew it was life changing for me, but the stories I was hearing from people I loved and respected, literally brought a tear to my eye. I must say I’m very proud of what Mathew and I created. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.


Normaly $39.95.


7 Second Breathing Bonus

Another advanced tool that Dr. Hew Len shared at Zero Limits III is what I call “7 second breathing”. Dr. Len didn’t have a name for this tool, he just said it was one of the easiest ways to “breath away Data”. He also went on to explain that this breathing would “put you back into rhythm”.

After you learn the 7-second breathing technique you can use it anywhere! The office, the airport, family events, anywhere you feel the need. Often I use it when I wake up, just to know that I’m in rhythm and working in alignment with the Divine.

I have found the breathing to be so powerful that I started using it to prepare for my Inner Child Meditations.

This Is What You Get

I divided the downloads into 3 separate steps.

1st a detailed introduction by me, set to original music by Mathew Dixon, about the Inner Child Meditation.

2nd the 7 second breathing bonus, I recommend using this first before starting your meditations. And as I said before, once you learn this technique you can do it yourself anywhere, anytime. It is so easy.

It alone, is a wonderful tool that keeps you in rhythm with Divine.

3rd The Inner Child Meditation spoken by me, with beautiful original music by Mathew Dixon.

What Does It Cost?

As you might already know Zero Limits III the final chapter sold out with 200 attendees who paid $1,000.00 a seat to experience this miracle event. Thousands of others purchased the 6-disc DVD set that shared the abbreviated version of the Inner Child Meditation for $199.95. But now, you get the audio introduction of me, Dr. Joe Vitale, explaining the inner workings of the Inner Child Meditation.

And the bonus 7 Second Breathing that will ” put you back into rhythm”.

And most of all, The Inner Child Mediation “This is the most important relationship in creation, more important than any physical relationship you have”. All this for only $39.95.

For only $39.95 you could change your life forever!


Normaly $39.95.

Order Yours Now!


Dr. Joe Vitale

Author of way too many books to list here




Normaly $39.95.



PS-Remember, if you are having issues with health – finances – relationships – spirituality – or any problem you can think of, connecting to your Inner child is the only way I have found to heal at the source, with yourself, so you may move ahead and experience the wonderful life that the Divine wants you to have.


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