What is Ho’oponopono Focus?

Focus is a journey into the inner dimension of ho’oponopono – a dimension of oneness. It is a conversation with the “peace of I”, the peace that surpasses understanding. It is a path to explore and rediscover our source energy.

Take a break from the noise that inhabits your day-to-day life

on an uninterrupted channel to the Zero Point, connecting you with the Divine for your purest enlightened inspiration.


  • Open to receive and experience a full relaxation of mind, body, and soul that will extend throughout your day, refreshing your awareness of rejuvenation.

  • Defuse day-to-day pressures, unhealthy relationships, and old data patterns, returning your state of mind to ease.

  • Open your heart to and embrace healthy changes, bringing brightness and clarity to each moment.

  • Ignite your ho’oponopono practice and experience the beauty of the life your higher power is waiting to deliver to you.


Immerse yourself in the harmonic guitars, percussion, and soundscapes resonating with Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon’s hypnotic voice, guiding you through this ho’oponopono mantra-based meditation for a profound level of cleaning.


How to use Ho’oponopono Focus


The three important components to using the Focus Meditation are silence, solitude, and stillness.

First, find a quiet spot. If one can’t be found, use headphones to draw your full attention to your cleaning.

Second, find a spot where you won’t be disturbed. In solitude you are less likely to have outside distractions drawing you away from your practice and cleaning.

Third, find a position that is comfortable for you, so your body can remain still for the entirety of your meditation.

The music…

Music is a direct language that connects you to the Divine. It resonates and moves through all of our conscious and subconscious thoughts and data.

Focus on the repeated mantra, accompanied by the Guitar Monk’s music, will remove and push aside unwanted distracting thoughts, allowing you to connect all your energy into transmuting all negative data within you.

Allow the interweaving sounds of the different instruments to lead you on an inward journey. If for any reason your attention is interrupted by outside thoughts, brush them aside and bring yourself back to center.

The Focus music is composed to deepen and expand your cleaning. Eventually the music itself will become a complete method for your use whenever you wish.

A sample of the Focus

Focus For the beginner

Focus is ideal for any beginner starting to practice ho’oponopono. The meditation tracks will help ingrain the mantra into your memory and make it easier to clean in any environment.

Beginners often struggle with being comfortable with all of the four phrases. Ho’oponopono Focus helps you move quickly past this data and fully engage your cleaning experience.


Ho’oponopono Focus package includes…


The order that you say the four phrases has no direct impact or change to their power, but many practitioners have a specific order they prefer.

To honor these different methods, you have the option of downloading 5 different audios each with the mantra in a different order.


Audio 1:   Please Forgive Me I’m Sorry Thank You I Love You

Audio 2:   I’m Sorry I Love You Please Forgive Me Thank You

Audio 3:   I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me Thank You I Love You

Audio 4:   I Love You I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me Thank You

Audio 5:   I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me I Love You Thank You

Audio 6: This audio is music only, with the mantra subliminally (below conscious awareness) beneath the music. This track can be added to other playlists of your choice, or can simply be listened to as music in the background that only you will know contains the ho’oponopono cleaning mantra.


The Price?

Putting a price on something one-of-a-kind is always difficult. The idea for the Focus came completely from inspiration.

When I asked the Divine for guidance on how to price this meditation, I was told that everyone practicing and those who will start practicing ho’oponopono will benefit from experiencing these audios.

With that information, I knew in my heart it needed to be priced as low as possible to be accessible to as many people as possible, so I have priced this one-of-a-kind meditation for only $7.95 in the hopes that everyone will benefit from the Focus.


Please Forgive Me – I’m Sorry – Thank You – I Love You

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