“Experience the Mysterious Elusive Spiritual State called Enlightenment – in only 15 minutes – or less!

15-minutes-clock15 minutes to Serenity…

Lori Anderson
“This meditation is like a cleansing breath through the mind. Within seconds, my body and mind immediately relaxed and effortlessly dropped into a blissful state of serenity. Beautiful!”
~Lori Anderson – Author of Divorce with Grace~A Book of Hope & Healing

 Announcing – The Enlightenment Audio

 Call it Instant Euphoria

 Call it a Spiritual Short-Cut

 Call it The Ultimate Stress Buster

 Meditation Practitioners Have Longed for This for Centuries

 Whatever you call it, you can have it right now, today, with a brand new piece of original music called The Enlightenment Audio, created and inspired to awaken you to the core oneness of all life – in only 15 minutes or less – Guaranteed!

DSC_5794I’ve been listening to The Enlightenment Audio on repeat for the past two hours. I can’t get enough of it. It’s inspiring on a deeper level, relaxing and calming to the soul. Since listening, I’ve been inspired to work, create more products and get things done. It has also helped me with my writing. I highly recommend it! I feel connected to the Universe, elevated, and happy. Play this at work, at home, and at family gatherings. It opens up your mind and spirit, loves it, cleanses it, and hugs it.   Jacob Elliot – Author of “Advanced Law of Attraction Secrets”.

Just relax and listen…and this beautiful new music, and the ancient mantra “hidden” within it, will do the rest…


EA cover 4

Here’s Why It Works —


“To know yourself as Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.” – Eckart Tolle


The Enlightenment Audio Reveals What Is Behind Your Mind – Behind the Landscape of Your Thoughts – Leading to the Stillness of “Peace Beyond All Understanding”


It’s a breakthrough “audio stimulator” to massage your brain and

ease your body and ignite your spirit to invite Enlightenment — within only 15 minutes!


Listen alone for phenomenal spiritual intimacy…

 Listen as a peaceful healing way to meditate…

 Listen to just relax and let go…

 Listen for serenity…

Raymond Posch 3
Mathew and Joe,
Thank you for this great piece of music and a new spiritual experience.  Although I love the other musical recordings you’ve done together, this is a masterpiece of peace, joy, and spiritual alignment.  I wish I had been there in the studio with you…  It must have been a remarkable experience to create such deeply moving music.  I will be listening to it often (morning and night).
Thank you.  Please make more!
Ray Posch – Author of Guided to Wholeness

big-benefits-CELook at Some of the Side Benefits* of Just Listening  –


  • Eliminate Worry

  • Increase Intuition

  • Expand Thinking

  • Easier Attracting

  • Accelerated Learning

  • Open Heart Loving

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve Sleep

  • Brighter Happiness

  • Stronger Faith

  • Feeling Bliss

  • Calm Serenity

  • Clearer Thinking

  • Emotional Stability

  • Inner Confidence

  • Spontaneous Smiling

  • Spiritual Wisdom

  • Belly Laughter

  • Improved Health  

  • Faster Healing

  • Sweet Euphoria

  • Deeper Intimacy

  • and more.


It’s a Legal High – and Far Less Expensive



Keep reading for the story of how The Enlightenment Audio can help you today – and every day – by simply listening to it…or just go ahead and order it right now and find out for yourself…


Dear Friend,

Why do people travel to meditation retreats?

Why do some seekers trek to distant lands to meditate in caves?

Why do thousands to millions of people get up early and meditate every day?

In some way, they are all seeking what sincere people have wanted for centuries – the elusive mysterious spiritual state some call “enlightenment.”

They are looking for a taste of The Big What Is.

What Do You Want?

 You are not so different.

You may not get on a plane to attend a meditation event, but you want what we all want: an awakening.

You may also want peace of mind, reduced stress, calmer emotions, better health and improved happiness, more stability and confidence, and more, but when you get right down to it, what you really want is what meditation practitioners have been seeking for centuries – the experience of oneness with life.




Well, I have good news for you today.

Actually, it’s great news.

As a result of inspiration and action, two accomplished musicians have created an innovative piece of music designed to do just that.

It’s more than music…

It’s more than a mantra…

It’s more than a meditation…

Hold on to your hat…

Introducing –


“Enlightenment means taking full responsibility for your life.”

― William Blake

The Enlightenment Audio is a blend of peaceful original music, with an ancient Sanskrit mantra “hidden” within it, designed to awaken you to enlightenment within 15 minutes – or less.

Yes, there is meditation music from others available for you to buy, and New Age music, and classical music, but The Enlightenment Audio is very different.

It’s even different from what the musicians behind it created before, with their previous bestselling music albums.

You’ll have to get The Enlightenment Audio today and experience it for yourself, but let me explain why you will love it and why it’s different.

There are at least three good reasons…

 Here’s Why You’ll Want This Today –

 “Knowing others is Wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment”

― Lao Tzu

 First, the professional musicians behind this

breakthrough new audio are two spiritually aware seekers.

Both have meditated, taught and written about meditation, and created bestselling healing music before. They acted as channels for this new audio. This new one transcends anything they have ever created. You’ll know it when you hear it.


G-MonkThunbGuitar Monk Mathew Dixon is a full-time musician, music teacher, author, seeker, and more. He also wrote Attracting for Others.

JOe-thumbDr. Joe Vitale is a bestselling author, star in the movie “The Secret,” and musician with 15 albums out. He also wrote The Awakening Course and The Secret Prayer.


Together, Mathew and Joe went into the studio and let inspiration lead them in creating this astonishing new music.

While they have recorded bestselling music before (such as Aligning to Zero), this new album lifted the bar on all of their previous accomplishments.

For example, they were led to use a completely unique musical instrument to create new sounds for “energy transfers” in the listener.

In other words, Dr. Vitale played a synthophone, which is an alto saxophone turned into a MIDI instrument, to create sounds previously not even possible without a lot of expertise and expense.

In fact, the soothing and transcendent music Dr. Vitale creates with his synthophone is unlike anything any other instrument can make. That’s how beautifully different this new music really is.

The result for you is special new music that will sound beautiful, feel beautiful, and lead you to that state of serenity “behind the mind.”

But before you order The Enlightenment Audio right now, consider the second reason you will want it today…


 Second, the music contains a “hidden” energy cleanser.

The “hidden” secret in The Enlightenment Audio is an ancient Sanskrit mantra known to remove blocks and reveal awakening.

It is embedded as a subliminal (below conscious awareness) message within the music. Dr. Joe Vitale repeats the mantra for you, in both Sanskrit and English. You won’t hear the words, but your unconscious mind will.

And you want the subconscious to hear it because it is the driver in your life.

The energy of the mantra will help release barriers to awakening.

The “hidden” mantra is known throughout history as Gayatri. The basic mantra goes like this –

 Gayatri Mantra 

Om Bhur Buvaha Svaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayath

There are many interpretations of this historic mantra, with small differences between each, but the one I like best is this…

English Translation

 O Supreme Creator, Thou art the giver of life, the remover of pain and sorrow and the bestower of happiness; O Creator of the Universe, may we receive Thy supreme sin-destroying light; may Thou guide our intellect in the right direction.

Because this mantra is centuries old, it contains power and energy to help remove all obstacles in your life and lead you to an awakening or enlightenment. It is like a “thought form” of energy. All you have to do is absorb it. And you receive it by just listening to The Enlightenment Audio.

Plus, at the very end of the audio experience, you will actually hear the words spoken by Dr. Vitale, which is a beautiful way to end the meditation.

You will love it!

Gregory DowneyMathew and Joe have created an exquisite piece of music that invites you to take a spiritual journey deep into your soul. I’ve been listening each night and the relaxing melodies provide the perfect soundtrack for Nevilleizing my desired outcomes. It allows me to drift into peaceful sleep while feeling my wishes fulfilled. – Gregory Downey



AND, we have added as a free extra, the famous ho’oponopono mantra for cleaning out limiting and negative “data” in the mind.

This is the same spiritual mantra written about in such bestselling books by Dr. Vitale as Zero Limits and At Zero.

It is the basic healing prayer of “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, and Thank you.”

It, too, is added as a subliminal within The Enlightenment Audio, reaching your subconscious mind to do its healing work for you.

And if all those reasons weren’t enough to order this powerful audio right now, consider the third reason to get it now…


Third, this mesmerizing music leads you to

a spiritual awakening in 15 minutes – or less.

If you want to tune out the world and tune into the essence of life, you can now do it, today, with this innovative new music.

It’s an almost “push button” way to awaken.

Rather than taking weeks to months to decades to experience an awakening, this music helps you experience it in less time than it takes to take a bath. It’s the ultimate de-stressor.

Why does it work?

How does it work?

The Enlightenment Audio works because the blend of flowing original music, unique musical instrument (the synthophone), subliminal Sanskrit mantra, added ho’oponopono prayer, and unexplained studio “magic” all synthesize into a breathtakingly wonderful new listening experience that is euphoric.

The unique music helps you disconnect from the “busyness” of your mind – so you can be free to experience what is behind your mind: Enlightenment.

You really just have to experience it for yourself to feel the beauty of it.

It leads you to the inner tranquility that is under the turmoil of your mind.

It takes you by the hand to “peace beyond all understanding.”

It guides you to trust the heavenly undercurrent of life.

“As in music, when we hear the crescendo building, suddenly if the music stops, we begin to hear the silence as part of the music.”

― Chogyam Trungpa


Order the audio right now, download it, listen to it, and note how you feel.

Relax and allow the music and “hidden” subliminal chant to do its magic.

Let your mind go, let you body relax, and let the music wash over you.


Listen with headphones for the best effect (don’t listen while driving) and you will find this to be the most soothing, relaxing, easing, meditating new audio experience of your entire life.

Listen to it every day, preferably right before falling asleep.

Do it daily for at least a week or two; preferably 30 days.


The Enlightenment Audio was also tuned to the frequency of 432Hz. While most modern music is tuned to 440Hz, there is compelling evidence that tuning music to 432Hz could make you even more relaxed, as the tuning is closer to the natural vibration of the Universe.

So not only do you get all the other benefits of The Enlightenment Audio, but you ALSO get the 432HZ tuning, as well.


Tom Justin copy“Joe and Mathew have produced something quite extraordinary. There are numerous wonderful meditative and relaxation audios, many of which I own. The Enlightenment Audio brought me to a depth of serenity that I can best describe as spiritual alignment. The stress of the day and creative blocks dissolved. I’m truly amazed at their accomplishment.”
– Tom Justin www.yourinnerwizard.com


Not Available on iTunes

The Enlightenment Audio is not available on iTunes or any streaming or digital media service.

The Enlightenment Audio is more than music.

 It’s an experience.

It’s a transformational tool.

 It’s designed to create a shift in your consciousness.

For those reasons, you can only get the audio here, as a download that is delivered to you instantly.


Your investment for this is only $19.95, which of course is far less than a visit to a doctor, massage therapist, Reiki healer, or most other services.

And you can repeat this experience as much as you like and never pay a dime more.

Buy it now and own it forever.

But before you buy it right now, let’s look at how to listen to it…


daniel barrett“Joe and Mathew..you did it again. A blanket of sound. A musical hug to the core. Spices of harmonica, percussion, guitar, and more. Some hypnotic chanting to anchor the mystery and love. Thank you for deepening my breath, and soothing a busy mind. Beautiful work!!!” – Daniel Barrett, producer, Rubicon Studios, Coauthor, The Remembering Process


How to Listen

The best way to listen to The Enlightenment Audio is with headphones.

You can certainly listen without headphones, but the music will reach you easier if you let it be piped right into your being.

Do not listen while driving.

Instead –

Listen with an open mind.

Listen without being hooked by your thoughts.

Listen without being distracted by judgment.

Listen to the music but let your thoughts come and go, like clouds floating on the open sky.

The more you can surrender to the music, the more you can get past the mind and closer to the “witness” behind the mind.

Listen in the same way you might meditate – ignoring the chatter of the “monkey mind” and surrendering to the flow of life.

The more you can listen without judgment, the closer you will get to enlightenment.

And yes, of course, you can let the music repeat…just play it on a loop…allowing you to float off into a cloud of bliss and relaxation…just letting go to the miracle of right now.

Now, I need to mention one important insight before you order The Enlightenment Audio.

This is going to go deep…


Dawn Fisher“The title says it all! The Elightenment Audio is a beautifully arranged, high-quality piece that will lift your spirit and leave you with a feeling of inner peace and joy. Thank you!” -Dawn Fisher


Your Free Will

“There are many paths to enlightenment.  Be sure to take one with a heart.” – Lao Tzu

Some philosophers argue that you don’t have Free Will.

They claim that you will do whatever you do based on your unconscious programming.

They say you will “think” you have a choice, but that the choice is actually made below your conscious awareness.

Others believe you have the ability to consciously choose what you want.

They feel that you can weigh your options and decide what is in your best interest to do.

Whether you want to order The Enlightenment Audio right now or not,

ask yourself what part of your mind are you listening to?

In other words, the part of you that is trusting and has faith will probably order the audio right now.

After all, since the audio is guaranteed, you have nothing to lose.

Obviously, ordering is a safe choice.

But the part of you that is doubting or fearing will hesitate in ordering right now.

It will drum up excuses, reasons, and past experiences to protect you from making a mistake.

Let’s use this moment as a spiritual opportunity.

Part of “awakening” is noticing how your mind operates.

So, you can use this moment right now to have a taste of what thoughts are at work in your mind, as well as what is behind your thoughts.

Ask yourself –

Which do you believe – Fear or Faith?

Which feels better to you?

Which choice do you want to make?

If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?

From an enlightenment view of the world, trust, faith and flow are the way to go.

Enlightenment is all about surrender to the flow of life.

Enlightenment is all about going beyond the mind.

Which will you choose?

Fear or Faith?

Thinking or Transcendence?

Enlightenment or Entanglement?

Order right here — or not.



I believe you will absolutely love The Enlightenment Audio.

I believe you will love it even more, the more you listen to it.

I believe you will consider this to be a wise investment in your own well being.

But the only way to know for sure, for yourself, is to go ahead and order it right now.

The choice is yours.




Dr. Joe Vitale
Member BBB 2003 – 2018
A star in the hit movie The Secret
Bestselling author of Zero Limits


PS – Remember, The Enlightenment Audio is designed to work whether you believe it or not, and whether you do anything else or not. You can even fall asleep while it plays. It’s best to listen with headphones, but that’s not a requirement. (But don’t listen while driving.) All we ask is that you listen to it as often as you like, give it a few weeks, and note how relaxed and peaceful you feel. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Why not order right now, while it’s on your mind?



© 2018 Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon, (All rights reserved)

Dr. Joe Vitale, a star in the hit movie ”The Secret,” bestselling author of The Attractor Factor and Zero Limitstelevision guest star on Larry King Live and CNN, ABC, FOX, etc., is the world’s first self-help singer songwriter.



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