Create a peaceful car ride with the Kiddos!

I was sent the following email. Read on to find out how Chuck used
Aligning To Zero, to create a peaceful car ride with the Kiddos 🙂
My wife and I took the girls to Fiesta Texas today. We all had a
great time!
After a day of riding rides, too much junk food, being out too
late, the rides home from these trips can sometimes be filled with
a little crankiness, “are we home yet” after 5 minutes, kids
messing with each other, and various other manifestations of a busy
day and being tired. Typical kiddos stuff.I remembered I still had your new Aligning to Zero CD in the minivan
(probably why I ended up bringing it instead of the Jag) I
wondered…would it work?
As it started to play as we drove out of the parking I could
already feel a difference, but I knew I would, I already knew how
relaxing and clearing it is; and just how nice it is to listen to.
But would the kiddos pick up on it?
It played on…and on, and on to the next track, and the next…and
there was peace in the kingdom. Everybody just chilled, relaxed,
and soaked in the wonderful day we just had. As we drove back up
beautiful Texas Hill Country roads it was one of the most peaceful,
stress-free, rides home we’d had from a long day of fun in a long
time.Great job guys and thanks for the nice ride home.
Chuck Pennington
Thank you Chuck! To hear samples of Aligning To Zero visit:

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