Aligning to Zero making a difference

My friend and co artist on Aligning to Zero, Joe Vitale and I received this email from Lori Anderson and we wanted to share it with you right away. It’s an unsolicited review (shared here with her permission) of the new music “Aligning to Zero”…


Joe & Mathew,
I want to share with you the amazing and notable
shift that took place as a result of your beautiful
music on Aligning to Zero…

My parents drove in from Arizona to visit me in Texas.
The night before their arrival, my mother became violently
ill at the hotel and spent their last day of driving hunched over in misery.  On the evening of their arrival, I ran a hot bath for her, surrounded with candles and the
Aligning to Zero CD playing as background music. She loved the music and commented on how soothing and relaxing it sounded.  The next morning, she woke up feeling DRAMATICALLY better.  It was amazing! Instead of taking
her to the doctor, we went sight-seeing and had an enjoyable day!

Thank you!

With gratitude,
Lori Anderson


Thank you, Lori.

“Aligning to Zero” is designed to help heal you on
several levels. It’s very soothing and relaxing,
and can be played all day in the background.

You can hear samples of the music at the site —

And if Lori’s endorsement wasn’t enough for you,
We just received yet another email with a glowing
review of this a-maz-ing music. Here it is (used
with permission) from Donna Aloia —


“Amazing what a little clarity will do . I was so ready
to embrace the ‘ARTIST’ within, but needed a little help.
With this Chakra clearing CD “ALIGNING TO ZERO,” I kind of
had my own ENERGY COACH!

I was able to change perspective with a sense of ease.

As a result, many positive doors are opening. This has
also given me more confidence to share my gifts.

I am a Healing Artist and sometimes we all get a little
“stuck.” Thank you Mathew Dixon and Dr. Joe Vitale, your
CD” Aligning to Zero ” resulted in a whole lot of
“Soul Action” for me. As this has aligned my desires
with action.

I have created a new healing modality at my Healing Arts Center.
A CHAKRA SONIC MASSAGE to align you to zero. A reset button if
you will. Come on in and try it out!

— Donna Aloia


Thank you, Donna.

We love the feedback we are getting on this incredible album.

And get this —

Joe’s massage therapist was working on me recently and said,
“I think your body is somehow realigning itself.”

I asked her to explain.

She said, “I don’t know what it is, but I can see the changes
in your body. It’s like you realigned your entire spine and

She had no idea I had been listening to “Aligning to Zero”
for two weeks!

I’m telling you, you really need to drop everything and
look into this music. If I say so myself, there’s rarely
been anything like it. But don’t take my word for it.
You can hear samples of “Aligning to Zero” at —

Check it out for yourself.

Go see (and hear) and enjoy.

Peace, love, and music,

PS — “Aligning to Zero” was inspired by ho’oponopono
and is dedicated to Dr. Hew Len, Joe’s co-author for the
book, “Zero Limits.”

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