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“Why are some players in “the musical flow” constantly- seemingly playing whatever they want automatically- and how can you become one of those players?”

“Why do you struggle to find the next note?”

“What’s the real secret that great guitarists have that supplies them with the right notes, scales, and chords automatically?”

“How do you master the notes of the fretboard, anyway?”

“At last! – You can now start learning your guitar fretboard both consciously and unconsciously; there will be nothing standing between you and musical greatness!”

“Just listen to Instant Guitar Fretboard. You don’t have to do anything in particular except relax. You can even listen while you surf the net, rest, or work. Let the audio do the rest. It’s really that easy.”

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“Does this honestly work?”


“How does it work?” (See below.)

Keep reading to discover one of the most powerful tools in guitar playing, so powerful that everyone who plays guitar should possess it…

From the E-Desk of Guitar Monks Mathew Dixon
New Braunfels Texas, Planet Earth

Dear fellow guitarist,

I have coached guitar to thousands of students over the last 17 years. I’m often referred to as “The Guitar Coach To The Stars,” – I have coached actor Shane Grahm, star of director Robert Rodriguezís, Sharkboy And LavaGirl; best selling author/movie star Dr. Joe Vitale, and retired NFL Minnesota Vikings Center Dennis Swilley to name a few.

With all of my students over the years, including The Famous Ones, I have always focused on mastering the notes of the fretboard, starting with the 5th and 6th string.

I’ve done my best to explain the notes on the guitar neck in lessons, on my blog and in videos. Most people get it, but few truly own it to the point that it becomes a part of them. The problem lies in the fact that it is not enough to just know the name of the notes and what fret it is on, you must also hear that note. Great players think it and hear it- the process is one.

Think it, Hear it, Play it.

Have you noticed how some people seem to hear a song only one time, and instantly start figuring it out? Or they start soloing over any song they hear on the radio. They even sit in with bands that they have never played with before, and come off looking like they have been part of that band for years.

After countless years of study I have developed the easiest way to help you obtain this magic of the pros.

This is a totally new concept in music education.

What’s keeping you from tapping into this “musical flow?” Your conscious mind is not connecting with your subconscious mind…

How to Hear Before You Play.

In order for your conscious mind to retrieve a note’s name, location, and sound, you must first program your subconscious.

Yes, your subconscious can be trained to help enhance your playing and enter a perfect musical flow, but before you can achieve that result you need to absorb the proper information.

So how do you TRAIN your BRAIN?

Its easier than you may think!

The human mind is divided into the conscious and the subconscious mind. Because the subconscious mind never needs to rest, it is boundless and unlimited in its ability to help and influence your day to day actions. Everyone has tremendous mental capacity; it is up to you whether you use it.

The fastest way to train your subconscious is with the use of audio repetition and subliminal messaging. Your subconscious mind will imprint whatever it hears. This form of learning is so powerful, that the U.S. Government banned subliminal messages on radio and television in 1974.

Earlier I said that this was a “totally new concept in music education.” And that’s true! But using this form of training is in no way a new concept; in fact it has been used worldwide with incredible results to help cure depression, redirect bad habits, encourage weight loss, bring luck, and even help athletes. For example, one of the world’s greatest golfers has used subconscious training to help his game. Yes I’m speaking of the great Tiger Woods. So if a master of golf like Tiger uses subconscious training, why wouldn’t you?

Let’s all set a goal right now; I want to play GUITAR like Tiger Woods plays GOLF!

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Instant Guitar Fretboard Will Unlock Your Musical Potential.

Instant Guitar Fretboard is a breakthrough in learning the guitar.

Here’s What You Get!

Instant Guitar Fretboard is broken down into 4 audio stages:

Stage 1 covers the natural notes on the 6th string first ascending then descending and ending in random order.

Stage 2 covers the natural notes on the 5th string first ascending then descending and ending in random order.

Stage 3 covers the sharp notes on the 6th string ascending then the flat notes descending and ending in random order.

Stage 4 covers the sharp notes on the 5th string ascending then the flat notes descending and ending in random order.

In each of the four stages you will be told the note name, it’s location on the fretboard, followed by the note being played at pitch on a guitar (the note being played on guitar is very important to helping train your ear!). This increases both your sense of perfect pitch as well as relative pitch. As the note is played, one of 15 different subliminal confidence building commands is said quietly in the background. You may think that you don’t concisely hear the command, but this unique recording technique speaks directly to your subconscious mind.

Bonus Gift

Act now and you will receive absolutely free, Guitar Monks new E-book, Secrets of the Masters Series – Fretboard Formula. This book outlines and guides you through a secret musician’s formula that will enable you to name any note, on any string, on any fret, instantaneously by harnessing the power of the 5th and 6th string!

Super Bonus Gift!

You will also receive absolutely free Guitar Monks “Musical Mind Infusion” song! Up until now this Mp3 has never been available to the general public. It is a 10-minute meditative journey through ambient tones and sounds, it contains all 15 subliminal messages. This is a powerful audio tool. And it perfectly supplements the Instant Guitar Fretboard.

Subliminal Confidence Building!

The messages are inspirational, relaxing, and build your confidence as you learn.

Each of the 15 commands are presented both in the first and second person. This technique is widely used for positively programming your subconscious. You will be given a list of these commands to review so your conscious mind will know them as well.

You can listen to any of the 4 stages while you work, drive, rest, exercise or even sleep.

You can listen once a day, once every few days, or whenever you feel inspired to increase your playing ability.

Regular use is best, of course, because it will continue to strengthen your connection to the notes and how they sound.

??? – $$$

Subliminal products for weight loss or to quit smoking start at $40.00 and go up from there depending on the system.

Ear training programs for recognizing pitch easily cost $100.00, and with a 30 minute once a week guitar lesson costing $25.00, you would spend hundreds in lessons before learning what the Instant Guitar Fretboard will teach you.

But now, Guitar Monks brings you Instant Guitar Fretboard! For only  $19.95

Don’t Wait!

Your Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee

Your Guarantee: If you’re not happy any time within 60 Days from your purchase, let Guitar Monks know and you can have your money refunded – all of it – no questions asked.

There’s nothing else to say except try this for yourself. The investment is tiny, but the return will change your musical world.

Why not order Instant Guitar Fretboard and see for yourself?

After all, it really works!

Yes! Click HERE to get your “Instant Guitar Fretboard” Audios.
Act Now! Learn Now! Play Now! Lets take your playing to the next level right NOW!

Peace, love, and music,

Mathew Dixon- Guitar Monks

PS— This information that I’m sharing with you has been accumulated over my 24 years of playing the guitar. Music is vast and endless, there are secrets, and yes, even magic to be found in it. So many guitarists and even guitar teachers are afraid or embarrassed to talk about it. I want you to have every tool available to maximize your playing and increase your learning speed. I have created the Instant Guitar Fretboard because I believe it to be a powerful learning tool for any guitarist no matter what your level of playing.

For any questions about the Instant Guitar Fretboard please contact Mathew Dixon at

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