The 4 Secrets behind Expresso for Your Soul!

1. Straight to Your Head!

All Espresso for Your Soul songs include Dr. Joe Vitale’s Empowering Statements, which go straight to your head. So many affirmation programs and subliminal recordings try to hide their message.

That’s not the case with Espresso for Your Soul, we are very direct and you will hear the Empowering Statements loud and clear!

 2. The Secret Ingredients!

No one would ever know, but there is a hidden ancient Hawaiian healing mantra called Ho’oponopono infused in all Espresso for Your Soul songs.

This mystical mantra has great power. Dr. Vitale repeats its four phrases “please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you” throughout the song, but at a volume so low only your subconscious will be able to hear him.

3. And we make every order a Double Shot for FREE!

You may not always want to hear the Empowering Statements, sometimes you may only want the music.

Your Double Shot is a second full-length version, which has lowered the volume of the Empowering Statements to a subconscious level, meaning all you will hear is great music!

4. Sample Download and Enjoy!

This is the best part! From day one we decided that we wanted Espresso for Your Soul to be priced so that anyone! Could afford it.

So for less than the price of an actual espresso, we are only charging


At that price you can’t lose…

Peace, love and music,

Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon & Dr.Joe Vitale


PS– remember, Espresso for Your Soul songs are designed to work whether you believe in them or not. The brilliant direct use of Dr. Vitale’s Empowering Statements, will quickly become a personal positive soundtrack that stays with you and serves you well.

PPS-Contributions to our Heart donation are never expected but always appreciated.


Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon

World-renowned spiritual guitaris

Founder of Zero Limits Music

Globally recognized e-book author for Attracting for Others


Dr. Joe Vitale

Member BBB 2003-2013

A star in The hit movie The Secret

Best-selling author of Zero Limits


Dr. Joe Vitale, a star in the hit movie ”The Secret,” bestselling author of The Attractor Factor and Zero Limitstelevision guest star on Larry King Live and CNN, ABC, FOX, etc., is the world’s first self-help singer songwriter.

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