New! – 4 Breakthrough Attract Money Now Quick Meditations! – Less Than 11 minutes each! – Guaranteed to work!

By Dr. Joe Vitale and Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon

Finally, you can now –

  • Make a Request from the Universe
  • Become a Natural Money Magnet
  • Practice Mental Prosperous Spending
  • “Nevillize” Your Future Success Right NOW!

Would you like the car of your dreams?

How would you like to live in your own private estate?

Or maybe you’re ready for the ultimate vacation!

All You Have To Do Is Relax and Listen!

  • Each meditation is less than 11 minutes long.  You can do them whenever you like.  One a day is easy, and you can do a different one each day.

  • Each is guided by Dr. Joe Vitale.  His forty years of experience will guide you without you doing anything but relaxing and listening to his soothing voice.

  • Each has original music by Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon and Joe Vitale. The music was made with a Healing Guitar, and is designed to support the meditations and you.

  • Each is infused with the healing power of ho’oponopono. This ancient Hawaiian healing method is weaved into the meditations so you are healing old programs without doing anything at all.

  • Each is a step from the book, Attract Money Now.

If you’ve ever wanted to easily and effortlessly program your mind with key principles from the book, Attract Money Now, here’s your chance!

Here’s how it works:

  • You download the four 11 minute meditations.
  • You pick a quiet spot and choose one of the meditations.
  • You relax as Dr. Vitale gently leads you into a relaxed state of awareness, and then guides you into the experience of becoming a magnet for money.
  • You end after 11 minutes, stretch, smile, and go about your day (or just fall asleep, if you like).
  • You listen to the four different meditations whenever you want, in any order you want, doing one or more each day.
  • You then notice how you easily begin to see and act differently, as money begins to come to you.

Here’s what you get:

The Attract Money Now Meditation™ is the perfect counterpart to my free e-book Attract Money Now.

1. Altering how you think. 10:42 seconds long. Dr. Vitale works with your conscious and unconscious beliefs to correct your perceptions into a flow of powerful positive vibration.

2. Visualize prosperous spending. 10:42 seconds long. Dr. Vitale will expand any limiting beliefs of spending, opening your mind to be receptive to possibilities, and the riches that already surround you daily.

3. Nevillize your goals. 10:42 seconds long. You will be taken into a deep self-awareness state, where you will feel the end result of your own personal goals, making the manifest into your reality.

4. Request from the universe an inspired action. 10:42 seconds long. You will declare your intentions to the universe and ask for inspired action to come to you clearly, and without ego.

You can immediately download all four audios right now, and be listening in minutes.

Your Guarantee

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. Use the meditations for 60 days. If you don’t see a difference, let Mathew at know. Your investment will be refunded. You have nothing to lose. All we ask is that you actually use the meditations every day. You’ll love the relaxed feeling and sense of joy you experience from just “turning off” for 11 minutes each day. Attracting more money will simply be the icing on the cake – guaranteed!

Here’s what to do:

Click here to download all four tracks right now:

PS—The Attract Money Now Meditation™ is completely safe to use, and will only help to align you into a positive flow with your unconscious beliefs about money. You still have to set your intentions and take action. But now, with The Attract Money Now Meditation™ on your side, you’ll be able to easily correct those blocks and start receiving your wishes. Order it today and let the magic begin.

PPS—I’m going to be blunt with you for a moment. Mathew and I did everything we could to try to get these meditations at a price that ANYONE could afford. Other Meditation products sell anywhere from $50 to even $100.00. But Attract Money Now Meditation™ is only $19.95.  That’s less then filling up your car at the pump these days, and unlike the gas companies, if you’re not happy, we will refund your money! The only way you could lose is if you don’t try The Attract Money Now Meditation™.

Order Yours Now!

It’s really that easy…

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